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Kevin Gaskell set out to be a Civil Engineer and worked in the construction industry on a number of high profile projects before exploring another path. Four years in management accounting gave him an excellent understanding of the numbers that make a business work.

A job ad in the Sunday Times and a passion for cars, grabbed his interest and he joined Porsche. At 32 he was offered the MD’s role and spent the next five years rebuilding the brand.

Kevin's track record includes leading the iconic brands of Porsche, Lamborghini and BMW to record results. He has founded and created international businesses and led management teams in companies seeking new success.

He has been fortunate in being able to share my learning from many platforms, speaking at events and mentoring leaders to inspire their teams. Kevin will deliver a practical approach, with tools and techniques that provide the framework that can be applied in any business.

His energy and leadership has helped companies to achieve world class levels of customer service and financial performance.


Having achieved more than every ‘Dragon’ (with the possible exception of Peter Jones) Kevin has been hands on in business for more than three decades. With a reputation for turning round world class brands, He believes you can rescue a company in 100 days and turn it into a hugely successful enterprise in 1000 days.

Kevin used the same techniques of inspired leadership to transform businesses and to create successful teams to overcome some of the world’s toughest environments - the Artic, Antarctic, unforgiving mountain summits and the Atlantic Ocean.

Today he actively chairs, invests and partners with a small number of companies helping them to achieve market leading growth and to manage change successfully.

Kevin is a natural communicator with the ability to lead, build and motivate a management team and to engage the team throughout an organisation.

Kevin Gaskell

A great speech has many elements, but it needs to do two things:

  • Engage the audience from start to finish
  • Energise them to take action

The second won’t happen without the first and the first alone doesn’t get results!

Kevin has a unique talent for engaging audiences – and for inspiring them to take action. His experiences of driving turnarounds, achieving 500% profit growth and transforming local companies into global players were acquired within the corporate environment.


The joy of life comes from encounters with new experiences
Like many people who enjoy outdoor activities, Kevin became an adventurer ‘by accident’ or rather by degrees. Growing up in the mountains of North Wales he was always looking to spend the weekends exploring the paths and rock climbs of Snowdonia.

As his ambition to explore the wilder parts of the world grew so he looked to travel wilder and further. Following the loss of his sister to cancer he decided to use his exploring to raise monies for charitable causes. Since then he has helped to fund a new cancer treatment centre and to support Alan Chambers MBE in the development of Extreme Classrooms™ an outdoor learning experience making a difference to the lives of vulnerable teenagers.

Every speech is tailored to the client’s needs, but the most popular keynotes are:

Keynote Topic #1

Inspired Leadership


The attributes of a successful leader include passion, honesty, tenacity, determination, resilience, commitment, clarity of thought, intelligence – and a big dose of common sense! In the optimum situation these attributes are supported by effective business processes and enhanced by personal communication skills.
Achieving a high level of personal leadership and influence is not easy. These skills can be learned through experience or, more efficiently, can be developed through highly effective programmes designed to support senior teams through periods of challenge or uncertainty.

Learning from experience
Kevin has been recognised as one of the most capable leaders of his generation. An international sportsman who was trusted with the crisis command of Porsche GB at the tender age of 32. He has led multi billion pound global organisations and has founded companies with just a good idea and a telephone.

Strategic Development

Take your business to the next level
The challenges of the market are continuously changing. How do you stay ahead of the next business disruptor? How do you grow in a shrinking market? How can your team achieve a step change in their performance?

Kevin has specific experience of successfully leading companies through difficult and stressful situations. He has personally led the rejuvenation of international brands and led teams to achieve outstanding performance at many companies.



This has seen him recognised in a number of ways including as one of ‘the UK’s top 40 leaders under 40’, to chairing the ‘best UK private equity investment of the year’ and as a founder of award winning start-up companies.

He is a rare blend of ‘Captain of Industry’ and serial entrepreneur who really has been there and done it in businesses both very big and very small.

If you need help:

  • To improve the results you get from your team
  • To restructure your organisation, planning or communications
  • To improve focus and flexibility to address today’s business environment
  • To deal with critical situations and institute positive growth
  • To perform scenario planning and apply positive change

Then speak to Kevin and discuss how you can use his real life experience to inspire your team to understand what is possible – and how they can achieve it. Or invite him to work with you through a pragmatic masterclass where together you will build an approach to reviewing your business and addressing the opportunities that you face. Or ask him to conduct a strategic workshop with you and your team to review your business, identify opportunities, define your priorities and build with you 1000 day™ plan to take your business to a new level of performance.

Keynote Topic #2


  • Stimulate the team to seek world class
  • Turn off the autopilot, dare to dream, be better then bigger
  • Motivate genius thinking, prioritise, focus and implement
  • Encourage a culture of innovation, recognition and engagement
  • Achieve extraordinary results, sustain long term success
Keynote Topic #3


  • Recognise the intrinsic value of the brand, challenge and adapt
  • Differentiate customer’s needs vs demands
  • Determine brand attributes, ensure relevance to market, achieve pull vs push
  • Build shared ownership, implement 360 degree brand evolution
  • Inspire continuous progress and development
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  • Mariki Schwiebus
    06/21/2020 at 11:03 am

    “Thank you for making our leadership conference so special. The response from the audience was sky high! You are world-class, yet humble, and you make people feel as though anyone can achieve what they set their minds to be. What a gift! Thank you, thank you.”

    Mariki Schwiebus, Communication Manager of the PEP Group

    Keynote Talk - Live

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