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Kristen Brown is a HIGH-ENERGY, FUNNY, AND RELEVANT energy mastery expert and biohacker who CHARGES UP all dimensions of you and your team so you can LEAD and LIVE with POWER AND IMPACT.

She empowers you with REAL ACTION STEPS to rise during stress and keep growing during good times so you have the INFLUENCE, IMPACT, AND FULFILLMENT you want to have…NO MATTER WHAT.

Plus her personal experiences and ENTERTAINING STORIES from her wild ride as a young widowed mom who really did spin stress into success makes her a RELATABLE and FUN personality who connects easily with diverse audiences.

You will unblock your best self to translate SOFT SKILLS INTO SOLID RESULTS for you, your team, and your company!

She is a keynote speaker, online trainer, bestselling author, energy mastery expert, widowed mom, and futurist who can help you and your team  power up the plan and path to your goals.

Kristen gets the challenges that busy professionals face having lived it in the trenches for 15 years in corporate America. And as a young widowed mom she gets many of the common challenges most people face in their lives – loss, money, job stress, parenting, health, and more.

She uses this deep insight, her Master’s-level education and certifications, and ability to connect to and energize an audience to make them the star of the show by adding humor and weaving in relevant stories that resonate far beyond the stage and online platforms.

Want to use her as a consultant or interim Chief People or Wellness Officer? She has the broad knowledge and experience to provide fresh perspectives and drive accountability and action on your project and strategic initiatives.

Kristen will motivate your group with low-stress, high-success ideas for GROWTH that will directly impact the bottom line by boosting sales, leadership, performance, and profits!


  • Spent much of her early career in market research, sales, trend, and product development roles that were driven by heavy data analysis.
  • Won several awards for her ground-breaking work to drive business for her clients.
  • Uses real insights to drive audience decisions both in their jobs and in their perthe professional AND personal needs of their employees.sonal lives. This results-mindset is critical for sales, service, and overall performance.
  • Works with organizations to create people-centered workplaces that develop solid cultures and growth.


  • Responsibility for budgets/P&Ls up to $80 million giving her a financially-driven perspective when speaking to audiences and working with meeting planners.
  • Focuses on bottom-line impact while also prioritizing people-focused initiatives since your employees are your best assets.
  • Helps you maximize your meeting budget and redistribute line items to ensure your audience gets the very best experience.


  • Started speaking and entertaining by choice in 5th grade when she joined speech and drama.
  • Continued her stage career into adulthood performing in plays, acting in corporate videos, and appearing in print advertisements.
  • Supplements her speaking skills with training on stand-up comedy, improv, facilitation, and stagecraft.
  • Showcases her engaging, funny, and entertaining personality on stage and on-air as a frequent media contributor, bestselling author, and chart-topping podcast host.
  • Seen on over 500 media outlets including Inc., CNN, BBC, HLN, Live with Kelly & Michael, Psychology Today, Working Mother, First magazine, and many more.


  • As a long-time (and nerdy) researcher, Kristen is committed to educating herself on the latest insights on performance, business trends, and workplace dynamics.
  • Uses her Master’s certification in Integral Theory to inform audiences on the art and science of multiple perspectives.
  • Drives work/life integration as a certified Holistic Coach and yoga teacher giving her deep knowledge on how our work and personal lives impact each other.


  • Kristen believes in the power that stories to connect so weaves in opportunities for attendees to share, interact, and reflect during her presentations.
  • She interviews you and your attendees AND researches your industry and organization before your event.
  • Her programs are filled with funny and interactive case studies and stories that illustrate relevant learning points.
  • While she doesn’t often share her personal story at length on stage, she is proud of her resilience after she was widowed in 2007 when her healthy, 30-year-old husband died unexpectedly of a heart attack when their daughter was just a baby followed weeks later by a challenging work situation and the economic crash.
  • Kristen supports various charities that allow her to pay it forward including donating a portion of her book sales to heart health research.
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