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Whilst his destiny may have been preordained, success is never achieved by simply waiving a magic wand.

With hard work and perseverance he managed to divide his time between school, working on his skills and performing at corporate and private events, and still this young independent man shone at the College of Magic, winning several National and Provincial Championships and all but one of his course competitions.

World famous Las Vegas Magicians, Siegfried and Roy were very impressed by Larry’s talent and enthusiasm and awarded him the SARMOTI (Siegfried and Roy Masters of the Impossible) Grant, a bursary, for his final year of study at the College of Magic.

Looking for unforgettable entertainment for your next corporate event? Every year, hundreds of companies across the country turn to corporate magician and mentalist Larry Soffer, for memorable entertainment. Whether it’s for an audience of 50 or 6,000, this show has been booked by some of the country’s biggest companies and continues to delight audiences from coast to coast.

This show combines amazing mind reading, metal bending and telekinesis demonstrations with side-splitting comedy and non-stop audience participation. Imagine your guests’ delight when Larry Soffer reveals their inner most thoughts, controls their actions, and predicts their every move! The show is ideal for corporate banquets, conferences, holiday events, and any other corporate events where you want to leave your guests amazed, laughing, and talking about the show for months to come.

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