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LED and Glow Performers That Will Mesmerize USA Audiences

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LED performance and light technology continues to be a popular choice for corporate and private events and here are LED and Glow Performers That Will Mesmerize USA Audiences.
The impressive drone light show at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Ceremony indicates that new entertainment technology has arrived.
We have researched 5 LED performer for hire in the USA that use the most advanced technology for corporate branding and events.
These are not your basic poi dancers or tron dancers - these are the innovators and pioneers of the newest effects using the best quality LEDs on the market.
Each one of these glow performers are in a class of excellence.
Bring the trendiest technology to your event today with these above and beyond glow performers.

Hologram & Leviwand Aerial Circus

Awe audiences with technology they’ve never seen before and broadcast your logo using cutting edge projection and holograms.

A custom-made immersive CGI performance filled with holograms, aerial circus, and a LED leviwand can be created around your brand.

This act uses the newest LED technology in the entertainment industry and has the capacity to broadcast your brand logo with holography. Imagine your custom images, product, logo, and creative idea brought to life and combined with an intimate Cirque du Soleil-like storytelling.

This LED performance act comes recommended by the best in the industry because it creates an augmented reality performance using a holographic scrim and professional glow performers who have performed for clients like Amazon, Harley Davidson, and Quixotic.

If you want extraordinary, look no further.


Giant LED Tron Dancers

Warning: ceiling must be at least 10ft tall to fit these giant LED tron dancers.
Often mistaken for full on automated robots, these suits are incomparable with any other in the nation. Just ask their previous clients, Redbull,  US Airforce, BET, and America's Got Talent.
In a nation full of human size tron dancers, this group has no competition.
The package includes three choreographed songs plus an hour of audience interaction and party favors to invite everyone to the dance floor.
Beware of the photo frenzy at the end of the night. Prepare your event hashtags ahead of time because photos with these giant tron dancers will blow up the internet.

This is a performer with a foot tall mohawk. This is a performer who has performed for the King and Prince of Saudi Arabia. This is a neo-optimistic cyberpunk who boasts the only existing LED BMX act in the world.

Skrillex, Gwen Stefani, Muse, Broadway NYC, and all 50 states have all embraced this LED performance with standing ovations.

We are talking 72ft of programmable LED lights on the bike and 35ft of LEDs on his custom made costume. Flipping, tricking, and world-class riding with an audience participation bunny-hop at the finish.

This is an act that proves American innovation and creativity is still top in the world. He’s coming out with new material at warp speed, catch this act if you can.

LED Dance Circus Group

See your logo in lights! Imagine the smooth silky lines of professional dancers highlighted by an array of LED apparatuses that show off your brand logo in lights.

Professional dancers are proficient with LED whips, wands, hoola hoops, 3d cubes, aerial hoops, and hologram projections that can be customized to show logos. This group elevates LED circus art into the realm of luxury art entertainment branding. Choreographed routines are timed to music and bespoke to your event.

This is the ideal group for casinos, concerts, festivals, high end private events and even music videos. Previous client lists include Coca-Cola, Gatorade, and Caesars Palace.

Take the party from day to night with both fire poi dancers and LED dancers at the same event. This is a full service team of dancers and specialty acts that offer a range of configurations to match the size and type of clientele - including ways to turn up the heat.

Whether a roving party type entertainment, a stage, or gogo platforms - this group is versatile, sophisticated, and brings the best looking trained dancers to brand your event with LED technology.


Solo LED Glove Flow Artist

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a light show is worth a million words. If you are seeking to grow your online audience and go viral, book this act.

The act is perfect for shareable online media and will be sure to be posted and reshared along with your event. This LED performance manipulates LED lights attached to gloves to create a reality suspending escape for the viewer.

This act is suitable for children and adults into electronics, gaming, electronic music, birthdays and any venue which a one on one experience is desirable.

They will be sure to film and post their experience.

For larger audiences, the hypnotizing performance can be projected onto a large screen or showcased in a booth that audiences can visit and have an individual experience.

This versatile solo act is ideal for album release parties, restaurant and club openings, private events, and large festivals. Previously an underground talent, this glow performer has 10+ years of experience at some of the largest EDM festivals in America.

The cats out of the bag now and you can book one of the best glow performers in America specializing in rave-style ‘gloving’ for your event.

This rounds up some of the new LED dancers for hire in the USA. Next time you are looking to bring your event branding to the next level, consider cutting edge LED performance with light technology through Scarlett Entertainment.
Get in touch with us to book any of these stellar acts.
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