Leigh Joy is an Inspirational speaker that helps individuals and organisations turn uncertainty into certainty, self-sabotage into self-care and adversity into triumph.

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Self-Care Training

The objective of self-care training is to shape, encourage and transform your team players to create “authentic connections with self, their tribe and that which is greater than us.”

Outcomes of the training

Enhanced presenteeism (the ability to be present) through individual sustainable self-care practices.
Improved boundary-setting abilities to be empowered.
Self-esteem to promote confident interactions.
Improved team cohesion will create an all-inclusive approach.
Wholeness to revitalise personal energy levels.
Effective intrinsic motivation to be proactive and not reactive.

Authentically connecting to self

Creating a safe container activity
Introduction to the self-care tripod.
Understanding the growth curve of change.
Creative solutions to self-care that match the individual personality of the delegates. (self-care kit activity).

Module 2

Authentically connecting with each other

Accountability partners video.
Setting boundaries – assertive communication style.
Triangulating/ gossiping.
How would you like to contribute to a culture of respect, inclusivity and diversity?
How do we change a culture from breaking down to building up?

Module 3

Authentically connecting to the sacred
What is your purpose?
Mentor’s table activity.
What is your vision for self, tribe, South Africa and the World?
The power of guided visualisations, setting intentions and gratitude.

Module 4

Review the day.

How have you connected authentically to yourself, your team and the sacred?
Set intentions for self-care, tribe-care and sacred-care for the week.
Share it with your team.
I’m a super hero activity.

Topics Offered

Self-Care Training
Leadership Training
Self Leadership

Worked In:

South Africa

Topics Offered

Self-Care Training
Leadership Training
Self Leadership

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Please note that all my training can be done online.

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