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Lessons in building business dashboards

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In business, I have learnt the incredible value of building business dashboards that eliminate unnecessary data (ruthlessly) and focus only on imperative and useful stats that help you make informed decisions quickly.



In my average week, I refer to two central dashboards. One the shows the health of my business and the other that track my key priorities (which change every few months). The help me progress my business, weather the storms and build a company I’m proud of.



My critical lessons in creating these have been:



1) It should not be hard or timeconsuming to find and update the stats – otherwise, it will fail in a matter of weeks



2) The whole team should agree to the outputs you measure – this helps create buy-in and track accountability.



3) Track what you need to track – never track everything you can (this will drive you insane)



4) If it can’t help you make a decision – get rid of it.



So imagine how happy I am to see how we have been able to do this for our clients in our new digital dashboards. None of the clutter, nothing siloed, and meaningful data stories that help them make decisions. Today I got to see the digital dash for Digitlab, yes, we finally got round to creating one for ourselves. Such a great tool. Proud of the team who put this together.

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