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Lessons Leading to Success in Life

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An interesting story of the emergence of Ferrero, the famous world company with a turnover of more than 10 billion dollars, producing popular sweets and famous chocolate eggs with funny toys inside.

It all started shortly after the end of World War II in a small provincial Italian town. Michele Ferrero decided to set up a homemade candy business. He bought cocoa, milk powder, butter, sugar. All the family's savings were spent on this.

The Ferrero family was actively preparing for the upcoming city holiday. A lot of sweets were made, which they hoped to sell profitably. There was one day before the holiday when the unexpected happened. It turned out to be an extremely hot day, and, horror, all the candies cooked melted.

Only a spreading shapeless sweet mass remained in the warehouse. It was a real disaster! Ferrero turned gray when he saw what happened.

But he did not despair and did not give up his business. For the rest of the day before the holiday, the family together cut bread and spread an unusual sweet pasta on it. It turned out original sandwiches, which were sold out during the holiday, bringing good money to the enterprising family.

This is how the famous Nutella chocolate-nut paste appeared. And from the family business, a huge Ferrero company has grown, which has been famous for its excellent pasta for many decades.

Improve yourself!

Neglect is the main reason people don't have what they want. If you don't care about some important things in life, it leads to bad results. If you do not think about money, time, health, you can lose a lot. Do not neglect the daily care of the essentials. Learn to manage your life.

Flexibility is the key to brilliant professionals. They never get hung up on a particular case or action. They admit the possibility that they may be wrong, as well as have alternative ways to achieve the goal.

Success or failure is not determined by what you have, but how you use what you have. Your ability to react and adapt to life's circumstances is the true measure of who you are and what you are likely to achieve.

Your most valuable asset is the ability to learn, the ability to apply knowledge and skills in a timely manner to get results, the ability to really manage your life and yourself. Personal development is a springboard that allows you to jump high and achieve superiority. Continuous and non-stop, it removes any limitation on your achievements.

Get out of your comfort zone. You can grow in the business area, like in any other, only if you are not afraid to feel not nimble, knowledgeable and skillful enough, constantly trying something new. It takes courage. But to go with the flow - you don't need anything. But nothing will change either.

Only by overcoming obstacles that seem to exceed your capabilities can you rise higher and higher - to infinity.

The more you yearn for a cloudless existence, the less you have it. But the more you look for growth opportunities, the more likely you are to achieve the security you desire.

The biggest resource is time. Its best use is to increase your competence, knowledge in key areas, helping to achieve the desired result.

Determine for yourself that everything you do is done in the best possible way. No one will be successful if they agree to work with mediocre results.

And of course, successful people understand that they cannot reach the top alone. They are always looking for opportunities to help others, while losers wonder: what can I get from this or that person.

This quality makes you able not only to build a personal career or achieve success in business, but also to form as a true leader.


Formulate for yourself clear ideas about your professional and career goals: set
them for 5 years. They should be clear (what kind of position it will be, what skills it requires), realistic, consistent with basic life plans;
write down your strengths and weaknesses as a specialist separately;
plan your own professional development: determine what knowledge and skills you lack, initiate your training in appropriate programs.
Scan the world around you during the day, become a good listener. Try to be around people you respect and admire. Find individuals who are successful and inspiring.

One of the main reasons for failure lies in the fact that people are trying to overcome the hardships of the day, while it is necessary to get out of this situation. Be careful. Stay awake. Often the most extraordinary possibilities are hidden among the seemingly unimportant.

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