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    Lewis Pugh has  been privileged to be a part of some positive changes and to share his stories so that people realize that we all have it within us to make a difference.

    My decision to become an ocean advocate didn’t happen all at once. It began with the stories of exploration I loved as a child, and in the flights of imagination sparked by the world maps my father hung around our home.

    It grew along with my sense of justice while I read law at the University of Cape Town, at the end of the Apartheid era. I had the privileged of being taught by a number of great South African icons, including Nobel Laureates and struggle heroes. I will never forget the thrilling moment my law lecturer held up a copy of the country’s new constitution, which was busy being negotiated in those heady times. It remains one of the world’s most progressive constitutions.

    Then there was the sense of achievement I felt after my very first Robben Island swim at just 17 years old. It taught me that finishing a job gives you the power and the energy to go on to even bigger things.

    I’ve shared my dream of oceans that are abundant with life, full of dolphins and whales, of penguins and sea birds, of turtles and manta rays. I’ve shared my belief that we can restore the health of the oceans; that it’s up to every one of us to protect our future.


    South Africa

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