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Lisa Orrell, CPC, is globally recognized as “The Chief of Change”…and she’s NOT just another Keynote Speaker, Award-winning Author, Trainer, Certified Leadership & Life Coach, and Thought Leader. Her fun, unique and engaging style set her apart! As a result, she is in-demand by organizations to motivate & inspire their people to make positive changes personally, AND to inspire more positive changes in workplace dynamics & culture!

Her four popular books on Amazon include: Millennials Incorporated; Millennials into Leadership; and Boomers into Business. Her fourth book, Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands, was named a finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s Annual Book Awards competition (in the highly competitive Leadership books category). And Lisa’s books are often ordered in bulk by organizations to use in their Employee Learning & Development training programs!

As a respected expert and speaker, Lisa’s client list includes many well-known corporations and professional associations, including: Salesforce, Wyndham, Pfizer, eBay, Wells Fargo, Johnson & Johnson, Grant Thornton, Oracle, Juniper Networks, Pepsi, Chico’s, Applied Materials, ERA Real Estate, Paul Mitchell, Cisco, PayPal, USC, Blue Cross/BlueShield, State University of New York, SHRM, PBWC, NCHRA, National Diversity Council, and Monster.com. Lisa was even hired by the Government of Brunei to speak IN Brunei!

Aside from her fun, candid, motivating, and engaging presentation style, audiences benefit from Lisa’s interesting, useful content and fresh perspectives.

She offers a variety of popular keynotes and workshops that: Improve generational and (other) diversity dynamics at work; educate Leadership Teams on workforce trends; improve the recruitment, management and retention of Gen Z & Millennial Talent; and that educate Millennial & Gen Z employees and college students on how to be effective young leaders in the workforce. She also conducts Personal Branding keynotes and workshops for employees to support their career growth and leadership development, with audiences often ranging in career- levels and ages from 21 – 60+ years old.

In addition to being a speaker and author, Lisa is a Certified Leadership & Life Coach who works with individuals and/or employee teams. She received her Leadership & Life Coach certification through an intensive training program accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Prior to her current career, Lisa owned a full-service Marketing Agency in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20 years. Her company received over 75 national and international awards for Marketing & Branding excellence, and in 2013-2019 she was voted one of the “Most Influential Branding Gurus in the World” (EACH year) by over 22,000 industry professionals.

And, based on her topic expertise and notoriety, Lisa has been interviewed by countless media and research firms, including (partial list): ABC, NPR, MSNBC, CBS, The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Human Resource Executive, The Business Journals (throughout the U.S.), Recruitment & Retention, Universum’s Trainee Guides for Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Diversity Business, HR.com, Monster.com, Recruiter.com, and CareerBuilder.com.

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United States of America


San Francisco, California, United States



- Branded! Your Employee Brand is in Your Own Hands: eBay has booked Lisa to conduct this topic over 25 TIMES! Why? It will inspire your audience to look at themselves, be accountable, make positive changes, and grow!

- Who’s Who in the Zoo? Improving Communication across the Generations: This is a highly informative (yet, fun!) keynote that Lisa is booked for often! Your audience will learn what makes each generation “tick” and will all walk-away with positive changes in their perspective!

- Get a Grip on Gen Y & Z!: A very popular keynote for Executives who want to better understand their Millennial & Gen Z team members! Which, by doing so, will create positive changes in communication and a more cohesive workplace culture!

Expert On:

Lisa inspires positive changes in people...and the workplace! Her topic expertise includes:

- Leadership Development

- Personal Branding at work for career growth & company success

- Generational Dynamics & Diversity

- Employee Engagement

- Corporate Culture

- Lisa is also a Certified Leadership & Life Coach who works with individuals & teams!

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Fee range is based on the type of engagement (Keynote vs Workshop), virtual or in-person, duration requested, and whether it's a US-based location or international (for in-person). Lisa is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and does travel globally for engagements. Simply contact Lisa directly to discuss your needs & details and she will provide you with a customized proposal!

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Association for Coaching, ICF - International Coach Federation

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      • Colleen M. Jones
        22 March 2021 at 1:33 pm

        I’ve been responsible for hiring MANY speakers and trainers over the years, and it’s rare that we hire them repeatedly. But Lisa is an exception! We fly her in a lot as a keynote to kick off various events we do, as well as for conducting training workshops. Plus, I’ve referred her to divisions all over J & J and they all rave about her, too! She is personable, hilarious, and witty, plus her content is always SO informative and useful. – Colleen M. Jones: V.P. of Operations, The Vision Care Institute, Johnson & Johnson

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        Value for money

      • Lisa Barefield
        22 November 2020 at 1:33 pm

        We have booked Lisa twice to be the keynote speaker at our Annual ADOMA Leadership Conference, and she is always a big hit! Not only does she deliver interesting insights on generational dynamics at work and effective leadership, she entertains everyone in the process with her wit and humor. If she wasn’t great the first-time we booked her, we definitely wouldn’t have asked her back a second time! – Lisa Barefield: Executive Board Member, Auto Dealers Office Managers Association (ADOMA)

        Keynote Talks - Virtal

      • Natalie Bédard
        24 September 2020 at 1:10 pm

        “Hi Lisa. Thank you for yesterday! We debriefed with everyone and your session was by far the hit of the Summit even outvoting my session : ) xo – Natalie”
        Natalie Bédard, M. Ed.
        Senior Training Manager/ | Chef de la formation
        Global Commercial Operations, North America
        Pfizer Canada ULC

        Keynote Talk - Live

      • Marlene Williamson
        18 February 2020 at 1:34 pm

        Lisa is a pro. Your audience will be impressed and learn a great deal. She has an engaging personality that makes learning fun and interesting. – Marlene Williamson: CEO & Board Director, Watermark

        Keynote Talk - Live

      • Cathy Andrews
        12 February 2020 at 1:34 pm

        I was fortunate enough to attend your presentation at our Annual Sales Manager’s Meeting in Park City, UT. I discussed your presentation with our HR, L & D, and Management Group here in Montreal, and they’re very interested in booking you to come speak for our division here! – Cathy Andrews: National e-Sales Manager, Pfizer Canada

        Keynote Talk - Live

      • Ms. Sarah Roberts
        22 October 2019 at 1:32 pm

        The feedback is off-the-charts from the attendees at our Salesforce Leadership Summit! They loved you. Some of them are going to see about having you speak for our entire Chicago office. You crushed it! – Ms. Sarah Roberts: VP of Solutions Engineering, Salesforce (and Committee Member for their Annual Leadership Summit in San Francisco)

        Keynote Talk - Live

      • Yvonne Wu
        12 September 2019 at 1:33 pm

        Lisa came to our company as a keynote speaker for a mixed-generation audience with a talk entitled “Improving Communications Across the Generations.” She delivered very insightful concepts of what makes members of different generations unique while disproving common stereotypes. She also provided several eye-opening statistics on the evolving workforce and numerous stories of relatable mishaps and miscommunications stemming from the generational gaps. Based on audience engagement and feedback, she was very well received. Overall, Lisa was a pleasure to work with and extremely accommodating, tailoring specific topics upon our request. We hope to host her again at future events! – Yvonne Wu, Ph.D.: Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

        Keynote Talk - Live

      • Winn Claybaugh
        12 July 2019 at 1:32 pm

        Lisa has been a featured keynote speaker at our Annual Summits FOUR times and she always delivers! When she discussed Personal Branding this year at our Leadership Summit the audience of 400+ people when nuts. They’re still talking about her presentation and how valuable it was. Lisa is truly one of our favorite speakers and we consider her to be a member of our big Paul Mitchell family! – Winn Claybaugh: Co-founder, Owner, and Dean of Paul Mitchell Schools International Motivational Speaker & Author of: “Be Nice (Or Else!)”

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