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Lizette Volkwyn | Bookstore | Sales Leadership Speaker

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Hello! I am Lizette Volkwyn.

“I am the coach that will sign you up, flip your day, drag you up, kick your butt, BUT most of all get you to the very best of YOU”

In a world where I could be anything I chose to become a Master Life Coach, Published Author, and Human Lie Detector. Not only is human behaviour my passion, but I am a huge advocate for Authenticity and belief every human being should embrace their true self and showcase it to the world. Yes, I know, sometimes it is scary, but that’s why I am here… to help you.

Having over 20 000 hours of coaching behind me, sold over 1500 copies of my book, Finding Me, and received several accolades, and being an internationally recognized public speaker, it is an honor to serve and assist individuals and teams alike in finding their niche, authenticity and find fulfillment in life.

That’s me in a nutshell. Allow me to let you in on a few things very few people know about me:

1. I am an ambivert. A mix between an introvert and an extrovert – it all depends on the setting.
2. I can change a plug. Can you?
3. I love technology (I am intrigued by the latest gadgets)!
4. When time permits it, I like to paint, knit or write poems.
5. I hate Sushi.
6. I love hotdogs - a proper Suid-Afrikaner boerie-roll!
7. I’ve been (happily) married for 35 years.
8. I am left-handed.
9. I enjoy cooking a 5-course gourmet meal (I seldomly do, but I can )
10. I am a grandmother of 5 gorgeous little toddlers. They keep me young!

My favorite quote is this: “All you have to be is 1% better than you have been yesterday”!


South Africa

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