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Lizette Volkwyn knows that finding the right coach, keynote speaker, sales trainer or teambuilder for your business can be a daunting task. You have probably used many well-known “trainers” during the past few years and entrusted them with your most valuable asset, your management and staff, only to find that people revert to old habits within a short period of time after the training.

Training, team building, and coaching are valuable mechanisms to motivate staff and improve workplace relationships and productivity.

However, the long-term benefits are often minimal and the training manuals end up on a book shelf or in a credenza, usually at very high cost, both in time and money!

For best results you need to find a trainer with real-life experience and innovative methods, as well as a proven track record and impeccable references to “live and work beyond the obvious”, both at work and at home. –

The time is now to LIVE AND WORK BEYOND THE OBVIOUS with Lizette Volkwyn.

Lizette Volkwyn is the coach who will sign you up..flip your day, drag you up , kick your butt and most of all get you to the very best of YOU.

She is also a dynamic and energetic Master Life Coach with a passion to empower individuals to excel in life.

Her expertise extends to Human Lie Detection, NLP, Training, Author and thought-provoking Inspirational Speaker.

Lizette’s no-nonsense down to earth approach invites you to open up and explore your true self, giving you the gift of self-acceptance and empowerment.

Day 1

  • Sales – a trick or a trade
  • Hunting
  • Farmi
  • Follow up with presence
  • Human Behavior 1

Day 2

  • Human Behavior 2
  • Reading the Critical Tells
  • Closing Techniques


  • Who am I
  • What is my Core Values
  • Forgiveness
  • How to be insanely happy all the time
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Communicate on a next level
  • This is ME

 Everybody Lies – 1-day Workshop

  • What is a Lie
  • Why do we Lie
  • How to detect a Lie
  • Asking the right question
  • What are we looking for?
  • Am I the master manipulator?
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