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Let me fill the gaps in your understanding of climate change, sustainability, greening, ecocide, biodiversity collapse and other environmental issues.

Demystify the jargon and tired clichés. Share practical, realistic solutions, tips, techniques and tools to action immediately.  Position your company or group as leaders in responsible management.

Look at latest reports, new legislation, carbon goals and targets. From science to action.

Specialist in Sustainable Supply Chain and Circular Economy; Environmentally Conscious Procurement, Production and Consumption.

I will share my journey of 35 years researching and finding "greener" versions of everything we all use every day - from Joe Citizen to Governments and Corporations.

How to minimize ecosystem damage and greenhouse pollution through adapted management, operations, value and supply chains.  Practical steps to make better choices. Future-proof your business, community and family. How to plan, prepare and... most importantly... adapt.

Entertaining, professional and inspirational. Fifty years an activist. Twenty-one years global speaker. Twenty awards in ten years.

Trained by US Vice President Al Gore, UNEP Eco Label, NCPC Cleaner Production, Green Building 101 and Interior Design.  Worked with EPA Environmental Protection Agency in the US and Slow Food International.

I present in person or virtually. Get to the point quickly. Use memorable pictures and well-placed humour.  Design content most specific to your industry or brief.  Leave you feeling well-informed, inspired, motivated to continue your sustainability journey.  Give you the courage to motivate for better choices in production and consumption; demand meaningful action by citizens, politicians and industry.

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Climate Change. Sustainability. Greening. Conscious Procurement and Supply Chain for Professionals. Responsible Tourism and Hospitality. Regeneration. Circular Economy. Ecosystems. Environment. Conservation. Green Building and Interiors. Ethical Food

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June 2021
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