Luc Van der Hofstadt is a professional sports coach who has brought his sports coaching principles to business, coaching executive and corporate ‘athletes’, teams and organizations to achieve high level sustainable performance. He always presents a set of practical and relevant coaching tools by using real life examples from the sports field and applying them to both everyday life and the corporate world. In his team coaching, he delights in helping individuals and teams manage their own and their team’s energy to achieve peak performance.

He teaches at various international Business Schools such as Insead Paris and is co-author of the book “Management Assistant”.

He regularly directs team and individual coaching sessions for Executive Committees, Managers and Individuals for corporate and institutional clients in various countries around the world.

As an international facilitator and motivational speaker, Luc coaches and inspires on team dynamics, advices individuals, leaders and managers how to manage their own energy, their team members’ energy and their organizational energy in our diverse world.

He also manages the Mentally Fit Institute South Africa which he founded.

Energized people and energized teams guarantee higher levels of performance. Energy Management for Performance is the main focus of the Mentally Fit Institute training and coaching programs. Inspired by the hard science behind elite sports coaching, our coaches and trainers will constantly challenge and boost your staff to improve personal energy and team efficiency.

Over the last 20 years, the Mentally Fit’s team of coaches has developed a unique methodology to train all types of performers from Olympic teams to high-profile CEOs and team managers, channeling their energies into winning and becoming top-class performers and high-performing teams.

The simple and pragmatic Mentally Fit methodology is changing the way companies and organizations are leading their people and doing the business, and we have worked with over thousand global clients, including major international brands.

Why We Do Energy
Our mission is to help people, companies and organizations in the process of continuous evolution towards sustainable performance. We facilitate the development of individuals and teams in achieving their personal and collective ambitions.

How We Energize
The MENTALLY FIT METHODOLOGY is a “Coach” approach. By using a “coach attitude” and very challenging questions, the coach stimulates reflection and awareness as well as the will to change and grow

What We Do
Originating from the world of sports, the Mentally Fit programs contribute positively to the human performance in a multitude of disciplines: whether it’s in sports, art, academic or corporate environments, individual (Me) and collective performance (We) rely on the same essential, natural and universal mechanisms.

Enriched by powerful sport’s metaphors adapted to corporate environments, we give a new perspective on these human mechanisms, with very simple and concrete translations to their real professional context.

Where We Coach
We involve the different domains of human performance to get the most out of your Energy.

How to learn for one-self and be able to use and transmit the Mentally Fit tools, bringing your teams towards top performance?

Energizing the organization: fostering winning mindsets in a Collaborative Culture
Energizing teams: the key ingredients of
Group Dynamics and Team Performance.

Energizing individuals: the interaction of  the 3 energy batteries (IQ, EQ, PhQ) to capitalize on your full potential
Energizing champions: Detection- Development-Retention of talent (High Potentials & High Performers)

The Corporate Athlete Online Course
Managing (yourself) under pressure

A heavy workload, too many overtime hours, the continuous threat of cutbacks, deadlines, priorities, urgencies… how do you keep your head above water? The need for creative and innovative thinking forces us out of our comfort zone. How strong is your resistance? increasing absences due to “illness” prove that many people tap too deeply into their mental, emotional and physical reserves!

This 6 week pilot course will give you deep insight into the mechanism of high sustained performance. Luc will provide numerous practical tips to help break through the daily grind of stress and to achieve excellence without wasting energy. He will show that the solutions are simple and within easy reach. Every employee can be and train to become a ‘Corporate Athlete’.

And you? Are you a Corporate Athlete or a Corporate Kamikaze?

Topics Offered

4 Axis of Human Performance
The Corporate Athlete Online Course

Topics Offered

4 Axis of Human Performance
The Corporate Athlete Online Course

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