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The girl with the red Lips. Lyndi Lee, a South African singer, songwriter, recording artist and businesswoman. 

She is known for her seductive and dominant image and versatility in both music and entertainment.

Lyndi Lee has finally arrived with a brand new perspective on music.

She represents the beauty of equality for ALL and creates music that represents the #BLM, #genderequality and the #LGBTQ communities.


Lyndi Lee, the vintage 50’s style classic-looking lady and a well-known coming-of-age superstar, is an alumna of the Tshwane University of Technology, a born singer, actress, dancer and businesswoman.



Born with a passion for singing, her electric connection with her audiences is supported by the consistently bulging schedule of shows, performances and acting endeavors. Her unique and spectacular Alto / Mezzo belting voice comfortably suits and extends her love for 80’s, 90’s, Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B, Cabaret and Burlesque styles.



Her heart stopping and emotion mesmerizing performances in her self produced Burlesque Show fondly advertised locally as Pinned-Up Jazz is in full collaboration with The Performance Academy under professional guidance from Jolanda Becker and Marcelle Kelly Peach. In addition to these regularly sold out shows, she has featued in leading roles in Broadway level shows such as “Hit the Road”, “9-to-5”, “Pinned-up Jazz”, and the recent “Expectation”, her leading production as graduate of an Artium Baccalaurei or Bachelor of Arts Degree.



Not only a singer, Lyndi also blossoms as actress on the silver screen, with her unrivaled scintillating tap and contemporary dance ensemble to support. Her aim as an entertainer is to leave an audience, enthralled, mesmerized, receptive and appreciative of the flair that her and her team can provide.



Expectation is never met, it is exceeded; passion is not provided, it is experienced; excitement sensationalized and the moment in time, paused, kept and engrained. Professionalism on this level is often sought, acutely found. Here it is benchmarked in a promise, to you her audience, vendor or host.

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