Lynette Ntuli is the CEO of Innate Investment Holdings, as well as an experienced conference speaker, moderator and media commentator who regularly shares her insights and business acumen through incisive strategic facilitation, development and alignment workshops and interactive organizational tools.

Innate EXPERIENTIAL (a division of Innate Investment Solutions) lead by Lynette Ntuli has designed and facilitated interactive immersions and experiential solutions to deliver Executive, Operational and Project Strategy solutions that suit the needs of your team and organisation. Over the last 9 years we have curated and facilitated a series of strategy development programmes for a wide range of corporate and public entities in South Africa.

Our methodology is founded on the philosophy that strategic planning is both a dynamic and a participatory process that engenders new insights and helps an organisation pursue its mission and ultimately attain its vision. We always strive to facilitate the strategic process with a view to ensure the Client organisation not only achieves its immediate goal (of developing a robust priority plan), but in the process, it also provides a platform for a common understanding of the challenges facing the organisation complete with the requisite collective responses to take the organization forward.

We design our workshop and personalised programmes in a manner that yields tangible results, encourages team and individual participation and engagement; whilst breaking down often complex but important business topics and themes into user-friendly tool kits for growth, innovation and development.

Our content is designed to impart the framework and foundations of the critical KPI’s required to successfully initiate, change, grow and lead a business.

If your organisation has recently embarked on a strategy revitalisation journey in various areas of its value chain, operations, team development and growth plan; our strategy embedment workshops act as an opportunity for the business to reset focus and targets, develop an operational alignment framework and redefine, refine and re-align any existing strategy and your medium-term goals.


Leadership and Organisational Clarity
Roles, Responsibility and Ownership within the journey
Performance Management framework and agreed KPI’s
Identification of Risks, Capacity and Capability gaps
Synergy, Alignment and Efficiencies


Documentation, Programming and Moderation of the whole process of the strategic plan
Development of all outcomes-based frameworks and revised process design
Keep group on task, focused on the process and achieved its intended goal/s
Summarize and provide a report, with recommendations on the strategic plan session


A process guide for senior executives as they engage in strategic conversations
Encourage the participation and involvement of all perspectives in the room and organization
Rapidly enable executives to shift from short-term operational thinking to mid-term capacity and value creation
Our team has extensive experience in building frameworks, interventions and digitally curating material for continuous learning in the areas of organizational development and capacity strengthening.


Practical and responsive content
Curated individual and team exercises to enhance understanding and alignment
Courageous, inclusive conversations and engagements between stakeholders at the table
The delivery of well interpreted case studies to challenge the attendees existing and end state culture | management | planning challenges, gaps and aspirations
Customised reporting and applicable, tangible toolkits to achieve the programmes outputs
Ongoing support to each priority areas driver and the executive to develop and deliver a track ready action framework and task lists


Understanding of the Organisational Objectives, Policies and Practices of the Client
Understanding, Unpacking and Refinement of the Business Model
Delineation of the scope and extent of the revised, aligned Strategy
Conduct a Culture, Value and Stakeholder Analysis
Deep dive into the Leadership and Team dynamics, challenges and goal setting
Alignment of the findings with set priorities and objectives
Collate the correct knowledge and documentation for measurement and action plans
Develop a Reporting, Analytics and Performance Matrix for the firm
Create a Change Management process for the client’s leadership and operations
Lynette Ntuli – Strategy Development

We have developed and delivered strategy programmes that allow us to deepen the leadership and management experience and organizational understanding for our programme participants

We have developed content, content platforms and partnerships that curate relevant and important toolkits that are aligned to what we deliver in individual, workshop and seminar settings

We contribute significantly to the dialogue and discourse on strategy on various media, public and print platforms and within partner and client environments.

Our experience in corporate, private, parastatal and public sector stakeholder management as well as our market position in the delivery of various programme, strategy and experiential capacity building tools ensures that we are able to provide relevant, updated insights.


Topics Offered

Executive, Operational and Project Strategy solutions

Topics Offered

Executive, Operational and Project Strategy solutions

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Strategy Fees vary based on a number of factors including:

Speaker’s scheduled participation:
MC | Keynote | Presentation | Panellist | Day of Request
Complexity of audience brief and Applicable research and compilation required
Added value services including: Consulting | Facilitation | Media management pre and post event (interviews etc)
Location of event (Travel excluded from fees)

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