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Maria Papacosta is a leading expert on Presence and Inspired Leadership. Her practical, high-energy talks and workshops provide tangible results that help people design a better version of themselves and excel in their work and life.

Using her line & consulting experience Maria helps people to develop their personal brand strategies and come one step closer to becoming inspiring leaders.

Working with the world's leading speakers and thought leaders as a speaker manager Maria brings her hands-on experience to help people stand out from the crowd and make an impact.

In 2021 Maria was named as one of the Top 100 Global Inspirational Leaders by PeopleHum. Global Gurus has ranked the Fast Track Strategy Workshop that Maria facilitates in the top 10 of the World's Best Brand Development Programs for 2021.

Maria's mission is to help people create a better version of themselves. This is not just her professional role, it's her passion as she is a firm believer that positive change starts with each and every one of us and spreads exponentially.

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