I am a TEDx Speaker, Conscious Business Coach, International Bestselling Author and the Founder of Thriver Lifestyle. I am also a Certified Pranayama and Meditation Teacher and host of the Thriver Lifestyle Podcast and Mondays with Marian on YouTube.

I help women step into their POWER and soulfully THRIVE in life and business!

What does this mean?

It means having clarity in what you want to achieve both personally and professionally, then creating an action plan that is in alignment with your Highest Self to get the results you want.

It means having the confidence to launch that side hustle/new business/podcast/ whatever it is that lights your soul on fire!

It means creating a life filled with abundance, inner peace, joy and love!

It means showing up authentically YOU and building your tribe!


Conscious Business Coach
Imagine waking up feeling so grateful and alive because you are living your dream life and THRIVING!…

Imagine living each day no longer operating in “Survivor” mode in life and in your business…

Imagine feeling blessed to know that your life and business are aligned and you are able to live authentically…

Imagine being confident to speak your truth and step into your power because you have turned your pain into your purpose and now helping others do the same…

Imagine having a thriving business that sets your soul on fire…

Imagine knowing that the product(s) and/or service(s) you are creating is positively impacting the lives of your ideal clients and customers…

I help women like you step into their POWER to create a life and business that THRIVES…

My clients have successfully launched their online courses, businesses, podcasts and products because they have took back their POWER and CREATED something that set their soul on fire…

My clients have been able to transform their pain into purpose and turn their trauma into triumph…

Now they are stepping up as conscious and soulful leaders in our community…

I would love to help you do the same…

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Conscious Business Coach

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Conscious Business Coach

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If you want to gain more clarity, confidence and ready to step into your power, book a FREE Thriver Strategy Call with me. I’d love to help you take those steps to living a Thriver Lifestyle.

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