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Mariana Atencio has established herself as the next generation top motivational speaker, a trailblazer with a fresh, global perspective on how to get what you want in life through storytelling, innovation, authenticity, and a proven formula to increase productivity, well-being and success in your own terms.

She spent the last decade studying what it means to achieve balance, transformational leadership, and true DEI, leveraging technology in the 21st century.

She crafts every keynote to create an experience for each client, whether it’s virtually or in-person. Her services include motivational speeches, digital corporate content, one-on-one coaching, consulting, Master of Ceremonies, and bootcamp style sessions.


Some of the world’s leading companies and institutions have hired Mariana to share her transformative message with their workforce, such as: Deloitte, YouTube, Pepsico, P&G, Nasdaq, Airbnb, UBS, Spotify, Citi Private Bank, LinkedIn, the World Health Organization and The United Nations.


As our world changed after the pandemic, Mariana launched a global digital series with Microsoft interviewing thought leaders in business, technology, finance and diversity to explore the new way of work, communicate effectively and create community.


Mariana Atencio is a Peabody award–winning journalist, author and speaker, included in AdWeek’s “Young Influentials”, as well as the co-founder of Go Like, her multimedia production company and an Inspirational Latino keynote Speaker.


As a former anchor at Univision/Fusion and national correspondent at NBC News, she has traveled the world to report on some of the most volatile conflicts of our times, in both English and Spanish, for over a decade.


Mariana’s TEDx Talk on authenticity, “What Makes You Special?”, is one of the top 10 most watched on YouTube and translated into 11 languages. Her first book, Perfectly You: Embracing the Power of Being Real, was an Amazon Best Seller for Latino Biographies and selected as an Audible Editor’s Pick and AppleBooks “Must Listen.”


Her work has been honored with a Peabody, a Gracie, and an IRE award. She won Columbia University Journalism School’s “First Decade Award” and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Presidential Award.


Mariana is a 2020 Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.


She has keynoted at the United Nations ‘Girl Up’ Summit; the LinkedIn annual conference alongside speakers like Michelle Obama, as well as Spotify, Microsoft and Citi Private Bank’s Autumn Dialogues.


She is featured on HBO’s “Habla Now” as one of the Latinx leaders driving the narrative for the next decade.


She is highly embraced by her social media community for her uplifting messages of inclusiveness and authenticity.

Keynote Topic #1

Embracing Change, Reducing Anxiety, Reinventing Yourself & Reclaiming Control to Become Leaders (VIRTUAL OPTION)

In the wake of Covid-19, we have all -whether we wanted it or not- been thrust into a transformation. Being nimble, adapting, reinventing ourselves have been become key to our survival.


In this very pressing talk, Mariana reveals what she has learned through these interactions and shares applicable takeaways for audiences to -re-act- to the current changes, to reclaim our power, lessen the fear of failure and to reinvent ourselves.


Uniqueness Discovery – Mariana asks attendees to write the top three pros and cons that they recognize within themselves and later asks them to flip the cons into competitive advantages. This will be done using their “Perfectly You” cards. After this exercise, attendees will achieve more clarity on the value they bring to the table.

They will be encouraged to share it with others towards the end of the exercise. It is a very dynamic and fresh way to make attendees discover new things about themselves that they will take home and apply in the workplace.

Keynote Topic #2


Human beings innately want to blend in – think back to being a child on a playground. Over time, we repeatedly minimize the traits that make us special until we can even lose our sense of self.

It wasn’t until she began to recognize and celebrate those differences, life began to shift. Mariana will teach attendees to flip the script and share the power that authenticity holds for an employee, inevitably strengthening teams and impacting the world. Mariana will also share insights of tapping into your authenticity in era of filters and social media.


Takeaways include:
– Understanding the power of authenticity;
– Discovering the “secret sauce” behind every attendee;
– Connecting the dots – why being authentic makes your team better and its impact on the world

Through her powerful speech on authenticity, Mariana will share how minimizing the traits that made her special prevented her from standing out in the marketplace.

Keynote Topic #3

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

One of the top challenges for executives nowadays is not only ensuring employee diversity and inclusion but also cultivating a sense of belonging.

Employees who feel connected and valued are more expressive and liberal with their ideas. This sense of belonging fosters creativity; providing an environment where employees feel safe taking risks.

How does an organization successfully diversify its workforce? How can they reach underrepresented communities?

As the only Latina National correspondent on NBC news, Mariana will share insights for executives on how to attract this diverse talent in the 21st century. She will share tools to help cultivate belonging – championing and celebrating workforce cultures and perspectives.


Takeaways include:
– How to hire diverse talent where they are;
– How to integrate talent into the company culture;
– Practical techniques to make your employees feel like they belong in the workplace

“Your Top 3s” – Mariana asks attendees to name the top 3 unique traits they see in themselves. After this exercise, attendees will have a better idea of what they bring to the table and they will be encouraged to share it with others towards the end of the exercise to build community and belonging. Can only be done with “Perfectly You” cards which MA can provide the client to print.

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