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    For more than 20 years, Marie Hale revolutionized small business marketing and sales in the Chicagoland area and nationally with her no-nonsense sales and marketing approaches and speeches.


    As her career and agency have evolved into one as an international change-maker, her personal story has made her journey something more than just success for herself and her clients.


    Marie's ability to tell her story of dreams coming true and unimaginable loss gives her the ability to connect to audiences at every level, causing the kind of change that is felt long after the event is over.


    Her 'stage' presence is filled with joy, connection to the audience, and the kind of impact that only comes from true authenticity.


    Providing deep insights and conversations about the power of resilience. As the world keeps changing we must stop pivoting and start learning to pirouette into deeper relationships, innovation, and better results.

    Keynote Topics

    Resilience Doesn't Roar:


    At 37 years old, Marie sat in a late meeting with a client, celebrating their success until the phone rang. No one had come to get her little one from daycare. And then the world changed. After a lifetime of carefully assembling the life of her dreams, Marie found herself widowed, a single parent, and the sole owner of a family business that they had just sunk their life savings into seven months ago when they opened. 4 years later she found herself as a new (terrible) 3rd-grade teacher, CEO, and managing everything...including her sanity.


    As she began to see the feminine/diversity recession, the damn broke. She funneled her experience and fury into a plan to change the way that work works permanently. fwdrEvolution formed to care for the person first, providing them with the kind of resources that take care of their whole family and give people choices and money...and that is POWER!


    Marie shares her touching journey through the pain and how she found a purpose in it that will change the world. Take your audience on a journey of empathy, fear, grace, and humor as her story not only lifts the audience but offers tools and insights that can't possibly come from a book.

    Program Host

    Bronwyn Hesketh always said that she has THE coolest job on the planet. She gets to work with extraordinary human beings on a daily basis, connecting them with audiences who need to hear what they have to say. In fact - it's not even a job: it's an adventure and way of life for her. Her purpose, really.


    Over the last 25 years, she have been immensely proud and privileged to work with truly amazing South African speakers (and more than a smattering of Internationals, too), and now, as she is busy setting up our San Diego office, Bronwyn is thrilled to exclusively represent them across North America, bringing them to a whole new market of audiences who need to hear their messages.


    This is the platinum lining of the pandemic for me: "Virtual" has opened up whole new worlds for us, and she can't wait to get them in front of as many people as humanly possible in the near future.


    Some more about Bronwyn:


    Bronwyn is a founding member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, and a Past President of the Cape Town Chapter. Having also served on the regional committee for the South African Association for the Conference Industry and Speakers Inc was also the pioneering South African agency to belong to the International Association of Speaker Bureaus.


    She has further served on the board of the Cape Town Branch committee of the Business Women's Association, and was incredibly honoured to be a finalist in the BWA Regional Business Women's Achiever Awards in 2015.


    Bronwyn wrote and published "SpeakerSavvy" (yes, one word ;-)) back in 2017. Aimed at both aspiring as well as established speakers and written in a casual, relaxed tone, she is very chuffed with the feedback she gets whenever somebody finishes it. Her primary goal with the book was to help all speakers level-up their speaking businesses, no matter where they are in their speaking journey.


    Specialties: Connecting the right speakers to the right audiences, at the right time. First time. Every time.

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