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For more than 20 years, Marie Hale revolutionized small business marketing and sales in the Chicagoland area and nationally with her no-nonsense sales and marketing approaches and speeches.


As her career and agency have evolved into one as an international change-maker, her personal story has made her journey something more than just success for herself and her clients.


Marie's ability to tell her story of dreams coming true and unimaginable loss gives her the ability to connect to audiences at every level, causing the kind of change that is felt long after the event is over.


Her 'stage' presence is filled with joy, connection to the audience, and the kind of impact that only comes from true authenticity.


Providing deep insights and conversations about the power of resilience. As the world keeps changing we must stop pivoting and start learning to pirouette into deeper relationships, innovation, and better results.


Instead of empowering women to keep their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, new work from home “solutions'' have them leaving the workforce in droves. We will lose decades of progress towards gender parity and our economy will continue to hemorrhage talented workers—unless we do something drastically different. In order to make lasting change and avoid a massive backslide in your own organization, it’s time to get a clear understanding of what’s truly at stake.

As a CEO, sales and marketing veteran, single mom and now homeschool headmistress, Marie Hale was deep in the trenches on all fronts of the 2020 recession.


While pivoting her own business, she had to navigate the nightmare transition to remote learning with Chicago Public Schools and watch many of her closest friends panic as they quickly ran out of options to manage it all.


So, Marie did what she always does when she gets righteously angry: she started another business. Hear what needs to change from Marie’s point of view and find out how to become a leader of the national movement to support working parents.


Keynote Topic #1

Resilience Doesn't Roar

At 37 years old, Marie sat in a late meeting with a client, celebrating their success until the phone rang. No one had come to get her little one from daycare. And then the world changed. After a lifetime of carefully assembling the life of her dreams, Marie found herself widowed, a single parent, and the sole owner of a family business that they had just sunk their life savings into seven months ago when they opened. 4 years later she found herself as a new (terrible) 3rd-grade teacher, CEO, and managing everything...including her sanity. As she began to see the feminine/diversity recession, the damn broke. She funneled her experience and fury into a plan to change the way that work works permanently. fwdrEvolution formed to care for the person first, providing them with the kind of resources that take care of their whole family and give people choices and money...and that is POWER! Marie shares her touching journey through the pain and how she found a purpose in it that will change the world. Take your audience on a journey of empathy, fear, grace, and humor as her story not only lifts the audience but offers tools and insights that can't possibly come from a book.

What will your audience take away? The power of intuition and how to reconnect to it How to leverage community and relationships to foster resilience Tools to train their minds to work towards solutions and innovation in times of challenge

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