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Marie-Thérèse Le Roux is an internationally experienced learning specialist who helps individuals and teams learn better, faster and more enjoyably.  She is the creator of the Triskelion Strategy, a powerful system for improved learning that synthesises multiple, scientifically proven tactics into three impactful domains. This strategy has equipped its users with not only improved learning, but also far-reaching benefits — mentally, emotionally and even physically.

Why should you book Marie for your next training or event? 

  • Purpose and Passion: Lighting people up with engaging, purposeful, memorable learning is the heart of Marie's work. Whether around boardroom tables, on video conference screens or in the shade of trees, that essence of illuminating learning brings light to learners, trainees and attendees.
  • International Training Experience: As trainer Marie has contributed to training for the World Bank's College Education Development Project (as team member), the University of Nottingham (Malaysia Campus), the Malaysian Ministry of Education, the Oman Ministries of Education and Higher Education, as well as other universities, colleges, schools, businesses and community initiatives.
  • International Speaking Experience: As a speaker. Marie has addressed diverse audiences at international conferences, contests and other events. She has riveted attendees from around the world with an off-beat, engaging and memorable style that opens hearts, minds and new avenues. Marie welcomes invitations to speak in person or virtually.
  • Lasting Results: Years after training and events, attendees report that they still apply the skills they built with Marie, and continue to benefit.
  • International Academic and Professional Credentials: Marie's Triskelion Strategy has built her a portfolio of multi-faceted credentials. Innovative research into online in-service training earned her a MA (TESOL) with distinction from the University of Leeds, UK. She also holds a BA (Communication) from the University of South Africa and Certificate in Project Management Foundations from the University of Cape Town. In addition, Marie is certified as life coach, NLP practitioner, nutritional advisor and raw chef, and is also an avid yoga practitioner. Each of these fields adds a unique dimension and wealth of insight to her work. And yes, the principles she teaches are the principles she practices.


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South Africa

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Ignite better learning on the spot at an electrifying live presentation, and put what you learn to practical use instantly with topics like:

Learn with Ease, Enjoyment and Excellent Results
The unlikely foundation for better learning
An overview of the three domains of learning.

How Your Body Can Boost Your Learning
Physical secrets for mental vigour
A summary of physical tactics that fuel the brain

How Your Passions Can Boost Your Learning
The surprising secret for sparking your brilliance
A key to unlocking undiscovered intelligence

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