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South Africa


Cape Town

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Western Cape

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Mathew Makoni is a vibrant, experienced and eloquent keynote speaker who has over 10 years’ experience in leading high-performing and impactful teams in various sectors.

A masters graduate in operations management, published author and a SADC speaking champion, he not only brings a fresh perspective on relevant topics (that teams and managers face today in the workplace) but also adds a real pizzazz to his deliveries.

His speeches are engaging, thought prompting and ultimately result in tangible action points. After all, his main goal is not only to entertain but to ensure valuable take-aways for his audience. A well-travelled and open-minded speaker, he is also able to cut across cultural lines and navigate through the landscape of our diversity.

He has been hosting private and public events for corporates and individuals all over South Africa for the last decade.

His main Keynote “Impact-oriented individuals, Impact-focus Organizations and Impacted Societies” is a revolutionary look at how we can re-engineer our contribution to today’s society by re-assessing our focus and goals.

Whilst using great story telling techniques he drives the point that – meeting goals is not enough: we are all called to be impact-oriented. He shares 3 amazing stories of individuals, teams and societies that not only impacted their immediate spheres of influence but produced results that have cascaded hope over decades.

His premise is that our employees should transcend beyond merely meeting individual goals assigned to them by managers, teams should transcend beyond organizational goals, businesses should exist beyond the frameworks set by their boards.

Our future can only be preserved by a deliberate trumping of the traditional goal -oriented success model. Impact orientation is a longer-term measure of real success!

The tools suggested in the speech are practical and can be applied at a family, team, corporate and community level.

Mathew Makoni focuses on how Kaizens – a Japanese model of process improvement – can be successfully integrated into the fabric of how we run our lives, teams and organizations.

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