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Max Lenderman is the leading voice at the vanguard of two massive trends in branding and innovation: brand experience and brand purpose.

These two modern tenets of brand-building have led his entire career at the world’s largest and most-awarded creative agencies. And he is on a mission to share the keys to unlocking business growth and social impact together.

As founder and chief creative officer, he is a pioneering authority on purpose-led brand building, experiential marketing, and large-scale advertising campaigns. Max was the global experiential leader at Crispin, Porter & Bogusky.

There he led campaigns for American Express Small Business Saturday, Dominos Oh Yes We Did, VW Safe Happens, and Baby Carrots Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food.

He Founded School, the world’s earliest brand purpose consultancy, in 2013 before the massive groundswell in purpose marketing hit culture. Since then he has been guiding companies like Amazon, Beam Suntory, Hershey’s, Wilson Sporting Goods, William Hill, Reebok, and TIAA to act more purposefully in culture.

He’s authored two best-selling books on marketing and global innovation trends, Experience the Message: How Experiential Marketing is Changing the Brand World  and Brand New World: How Oligarchs, Paupers and Pirates Are Changing Business, and has spoken at major conferences like SXSW, Forbes CMO Summit, Advertising Week and X-Prize.

He is a columnist for Adweek, teaches at the University of Colorado and consults various start-ups in tech, cannabis, and good food.

Keynote Topic #1

The Fifth "P": "Purpose is the New Digital"

The notion that brands need to stand for something in order to stand out is a powerful driver of modern marketing. Believing that “purpose is the new digital,” Max Lenderman takes the audience on a creative journey of the most effective modern marketing campaigns that prove that purpose is the next and biggest competitive advantage for business.

The audience will see how the original marketing principles have been transformed by purpose and will be inspired by the latest and greatest creative work in the world. We’ll see the step-by-step process to find purpose in brands, and the different tactical executions that have resulted in massive sales lifts and awareness for purposeful brands. The audience is not just informed; it’s motivated and enlightened.

This isn’t just a speech or presentation. It’s an exploration of the greatest work in the world that has the potential to do the greatest good in the world. Let Max Lenderman show you why that matters.

Perfect for: Company Annual Conferences, Creative Summits, CSR/Cause Conferences, HR/Corporate Communications Meetings, Future Trends Meetings

Keynote Topic #2

“Easily the best book on experiential marketing out there.”
–B. Joseph Pine, co-author of the best-selling The Experience Economy

“Looking for life after the 30-second ad? A veteran experiential marketer hits the road with hands-on marketing leaders Apple, Toyota, the US Army.”
— Fast Company

“Brand New World isn’t just a mind-blowing read, it’s a cultural adventure.”
— Jeremy Gutsche, best-selling author of Better and Faster

Brand experience and customer experience have fast become top priorities for businesses, replacing product and price as a priority. According to PWC, 86% of US buyers will pay extra for a better brand experience.

This talk moves the audience to understand the fundamental aspects of great brand experience, the trends that are driving its growth, and the implications for its business.

Max presents mind-blowing examples from around the world and first-hand accounts of creating some of the most awarded brand experience campaigns in history. He should know; he literally wrote the book on experiential marketing and experience-based innovation.


Perfect for: Company Annual Conferences, Creative Summits, B2B/Trade Conferences, Future Trends Meetings

Keynote Topic #3

#GIVEASHIT: Tapping Into The Power of Creativity

Creativity sells a lot of stuff. Much more than promotions or price-offs. More leaders than ever before believe that creativity is the differentiator in business. And everyone… everyone… can be creative. Great ideas can come from anywhere in your company. Let Max show you how.

He knows the secrets to great creativity. Whether it’s how to write the brief of the future or who to brainstorm together or individually, this presentation gets the creative juices flowing to come up with breakthrough and revenue-driving ideas.

Perfect for: Company Annual Conferences, Creative Summits, CSR/Cause Conferences, HR/Corporate Communications Meetings, Future Trends Meetings

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