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Brenda Viola has outrageous experiences on and off camera inform her memorable sessions. This engaging former QVC Show Host, news anchor and reporter, and award-winning PR pro is camera ready to captivate your remote/virtual audience.

Brenda Viola's through ME Seminars outrageous experiences on and off camera inform her memorable sessions.

Author of the #1 Amazon New Release in Government Management, The Public Servants' Survival Guide, her ten keys to restore joy in work and life appeal to any audience of busy people.

Need to communicate better? Her "Mastering the Media" class offers practical skills to make the most of any conversation as does "How to be Heard (without Screaming)." Practical tips to empower her audiences to get what's in their heads out of their mouths effectively (and with grace) produce rave reviews and life-changing results.

Unpacking the communication problem led to extensive research on "Why don't we speak up?" The culprit? FEAR. Her "The Fear Factor" class was developed and its companion, "Create Your Life, One Thought at a Time" resulted in hundreds of testimonials from people whose lives have improved as a result of these practical and candid workshops.

Brenda's audiences laugh out loud. She is not shy about telling her own gut-wrenching life stories. In fact, the heartbeat of her story is "My messes are my message" and led to the registered trademarked phrase, "Embrace Your Flawsomeness."

ME Seminars

Life is too short to live with regrets. Did you learn something? Then it wasn't a mistake - it's all part of the journey. There's ONE person you are destined to spend the rest of your life with - and it's YOU. So you better start loving yourself, taking care of yourself, and settling in to your own worthiness NOW.

If you have a group that is "Running on Empty" Brenda's Keynote by the same name will help them self-assess and fuel their tanks to go on to improved and happier lives. Is your workplace toxic or in need of a culture boost? ME Seminars has a workshop built to infuse your organization with appreciation.

When you mean BUSINESS about the well being of your team, ME Seminars and Brenda Viola are your go-to source for inspiration, motivation, and practical tools that, when applied, can change a life - or a business - for good.


Life has its share of speedbumps, pitfalls and detours, doesn’t it? How you RESPOND to these plot twists determines if they will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones. Find out how you can fertilize your life (and watch it bloom) by avoiding three specific behaviors and choosing three others while learning strategies to STOP negative momentum in your life.  You’ll chuckle (and groan) as you relate to Brenda’s personal life stories to help make the point that you CAN survive – and thrive – through tough times.

Online Seminars:

40-50 minute mini-seminars on topics to encourage productivity, motivation, coping skills and ramp up your employees' happiness quotient.

  • Running on Empty? The ME Self-Assessment
  • The Fear Factor: Facing the Bully that Holds You Back
  • How to Fertilize Your Life
  • Be the Butterfly: Six Steps to Personal Transformation
  • Letting Go of Perfection and Embracing Your Flawsomeness™


  • How to Communicate and be HEARD
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Raising Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Managing Your Time (for Sanity’s Sake)
  • Maintaining Humor in Stressful Times
  • Enhancing Your Organizational Culture


  • Creating a Personal Vision
  • What Are My Core Values?
  • Keeping it Real: The Power of Honesty
  • Feelings: Your Personal GPS
  • The Great Love Affair
  • Settling Into Your Own Worthiness

Deep Dive Workshops:

Intensive, six-hour seminars designed to elevate your team to a new level of freedom in their personal and professional lives.

Embrace Your Flawsomeness!
Format: ​2 - 4 Hours

You're flawed.  But you're awesome!

Too often our shortcomings or failures hold us back. This class is designed to help you Embrace Your Flawsomeness and get on with the business of living a happy life.

This program is perfect for any audience member who:

  • Needs to silence their inner critic
  • Struggles with perfectionism
  • Wants to increase self-confidence and sense of self-worth
  • Seeks to shift from needing external approval to following their internal compass

The audience will leave with an understanding of:

  • How self-worth is formed
  • Why perfectionism compensates for a lack of self-confidence
  • The reality of your inner critic and how to silence its voice
  • Tools and practices to build self-esteem
  • Why self-love is paramount to a happy life

A healthy sense of self makes for a more productive and enjoyable workplace. Those who lack self-worth resist coaching (or take it as criticism). They defend and protect their turf rather than collaborating - and constantly need approval and applause to compensate for how badly they really feel about themselves.

Self-worth is an inside job, and those who focus on this valuable core quality will enjoy freedom and success in their personal and professional lives.

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