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Mi Casa is an award-winning South African band that formed in 2010 with a signature sound that enabled them to reach a global audience.

Their music falls into the genres of /his house music band comprising three unique musicians.

  • ‘Dr. Duda’ produces all the songs for the band,
  • ‘J’Something’ leads with his vocals and song writing and
  •  Mo-T adds a distinctive element of funky jazz with his trumpet.


Their albums, Su Casa, Su Kasi Remixes, MI Casa and Home Sweet Home have all flourished on music charts all over the world – reaching triple-platinum selling status.

‘J’Something’ (real name Joao De Fonseca) was born in Algarve, Portugal and later emigrated to Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape. He adopted the name “J’Something” due to his friends not being able to pronounce his birth name.

Alexandra-born Moshe Kgasoane also known as Mo-T is Mi Casa’s trumpeter who adds a fun, jazzy element to the unique sound of the band. His father, Mr. Banza Kgasoane, who played the trumpet for Mango Groove, taught him to play the trumpet at a young age. When he first met ‘J’Something’and ‘Dr.Duda’ in 2010, he instantly clicked with them. One of his highlights is Mi Casa’s recent collaboration with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, which is on their recent offering Home Sweet Home.

Sipho Mphahlaza, also known as ‘Dr.Duda’ is the man responsible for the beats and production of Mi Casa’s projects. Born in KwaNdebele, Mpumalanga, ‘Dr.Duda’ boasts 15 years in the music industry. Mi Casa’s recent world tour – 14 dates across eight cities in Europe and the USA – saw ‘Dr.Duda’ transform his music to diverse audiences across the world, proving its international appeal

Adding to their ever-growing awards collection, the gents received the Sampra award at the 19th annual South African music awards for their song ‘Heavenly Sent’. They also received a bag full of nominations from the likes of ‘Most Idolised Musician’ for the ‘Drum Darling Awards’ to ‘Musicians of the Year’ for the ‘Feather Awards”. over and above this, generation next from Sunday Times, named Mi Casa the ‘coolest music stars’ - a declaration hard to dispute!

This brings us to the most recent accomplishment by Mi Casa - their second (and highly anticipated) album, ‘Mi Casa Su Casa’. Launching their newest album with the single ‘Jika’ and an African tour was possibly a decision the fans will always praise the Mi Casa team for. ‘Jika’ was listed as the highest circulating track on South African airwaves for over ten weeks as well as hitting the number 1 spot in the UK, on BBC radio station 1xtra on their ‘Destination Africa’ show. Embracing their African tour, they managed to reach supporters from the colourful countries of Namibia, Botswana, Nigeria and Tanzania - to name only a few!

Not only does the album include future smash hits but also some incredible collaborations with the likes of Black Coffee, Jimmy Nevis and Mishka - these guys are proudly waving the South African flag for the world to see! Showing growth and maturity whilst still staying as fresh and relevant as ever, this album is set to be one of the most mind-blowing releases of 2013 and with over 30,000 albums already sold, there’s no doubt that Su Casa will definitely be reaching the platinum status of its predecessor.

Mi Casa has performed in sold out concerts around the world: from Nigeria and Angola, to London, Italy and Canada. They had the great honour of performing for President Barak Obama at his inauguration, and have shared the stage with grammy award-winning Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Their musical accolades speak for themselves.

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Genres: House, Dance, Soul

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Mi Casa is a live dance trio bringing together deep soulful vocals, horns and keys that have dominated the charts in South Africa and Africa since 2010.


Genres: House, Dance, Soul

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