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Mike Walsh's talks on the future of work, AI-powered leadership, digital transformation and the world of 2030 are ideally suited for virtual delivery. To replicate the energy and engagement of a live stage event, Mike and his team have assembled some unique technologies and partnerships to deliver a high impact online experience for your audience.

#1. Digital Keynote

New Rules Trailer

The digital keynote is a 30 minute, 4K pre-recorded keynote shot on multiple studio quality cameras, and professionally edited with dramatic video cutaways and a music score. The current topic of this keynote is ‘New Rules For A New World’, and focuses on how the crisis is accelerating digital transformation, what some of the world’s most successful organizations are doing to adapt to the new normal, and how leaders need to reinvent themselves for the future. Following the keynote, the audience will be able to interact live with Mike for a 15 minute Q&A session.


Virtual Livecast Sample-thumb

Mike's virtual live cast experience is an entirely custom keynote focused on your client’s industry or specific strategic challenges. Using a green screen in his studio, a high-definition image of Mike is inserted on animated background slides to create an impactful presentation for viewers that is more engaging than a typical webinar where the speaker is just a small square in the corner of the screen. The session can be either delivered live or as a pre-recorded file.

#3. Studio Broadcast


If your client wishes to nominate a production company, we can either work with your client’s chosen provider or assist with sourcing a local studio in Mike’s current city to deliver a live keynote experience from a TV studio style set.

Virtual Topics

    New Rules For A New World
    The Algorithmic Leader
    Designing Your Business For The 21st Century

Virtual Showreel
Virtual Regions Presented

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Broadcasting Studio


Modified Home Studio, External Broadcasting Studio

Video Background

No Distractions, Professional Background


Only One Camera


Good lighting of presenter, Artificial lights, Professional Studio


Lapel Microphone, External Microphone, Professional Audio Microphones

Chat Boxes

System Chat Boxes, Interacts with Audience

Polls & Questions

Q&A Sessions

Visual Aids

Pre-recorded videos, Whiteboards, Virtual Presentations on shared screens

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