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Monty Metzger focuses on digital leadership, entrepreneurship, exponential technologies, blockchain technology, crypto currencies and other disruptive future technology trends.

As a Thought Leader and Futurist, Monty Metzger advises business and government leaders around the world, including Astellas Pharma, arvato, BMW Group, Citrix, Deutsche Telekom, EPlus Group, GE, GIZ, Goldbach Media Group, Henkel, Heraeus Kulzer, Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, Holcim, KPN, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsui, Oracle, SIEMENS, Vodafone, WEKA and WPP.

He is contributor at the Skoll Foundation, columnist at Huffington Post, more than 110.000 people are following Monty on Twitter, while his talks have reached more than hundreds of thousand people on Slideshare and millions of views on his YouTube Channel.

Monty is a professional keynote speaker with more than a decade of speaking experience. He has been invited to speak at many high-level conferences, corporate events and leadership workshops in Europe, USA and Asia, e.g. Abu Dhabi Media Forum, Blockchain Symposium Oman, Dansk Internet Forum, eG8 Forum, FIA Mobility Conference, Digital Leadership Forum Hong Kong, DLD Conference, Mobile World Toronto, Monaco Media Forum, Skoll World Forum Oxford and others.

As Monty has traveled to more than fourty-three countries not only to be part of some of the most influential leadership events, but also to explore the latest trends coming out of every technology hub personally.

Rather than focusing on the distant future, Monty takes an anthropological approach – scanning the near horizon global trends, disruptive technologies and consumer innovations on the verge of hitting critical mass, and then translating these into usable business strategies.

Monty is Founding Partner at Digital Leaders Ventures, a luxembourg-based Venture Capital Fund, and investment advisor to several european investment houses as well as fast growing technology StartUps.

Since 2015 his Venture Capital Fund, Digital Leaders Ventures is investing in technology startups in Europe, USA and Israel. 2017 started a global startup contest to identify, support and invest in the most promising companies focusing on #SmartCities.

The initiative is called FIA Smart Cities Startup and is supported by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), FIA Formula E, ENEL and Julius Baer. Besides representatives of DLV, FIA and each partner the Jury of the global startup competition includes the Head of Technology Industries at the World Economic Forum.

Digital Leaders Ventures (DLV) is embracing the opportunities of bitcoin, blockchain and alternative cryptocurrencies.

Monty Metzger

Recent Keynote Presentations and Topics
Moonshot Thinking: How to outperform your competition by leveraging disruptive trends? Insights from Monty’s recent trend exploration tours with CEOs to Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Seoul and Beijing. Myths, tech trends, social impact and practical knowledge every chairman, vice president, investor or startup founder needs to know.

Digital Future: Leadership in times of disruptive and exponential technologies You have to ask the question: What or Who might kill your business? If you investigate and understand your biggest threat you might be able to make change happen and stay ahead of your competition. But your enemy might not be the one you think. Disruptive mega trends, exponential technologies and moonshot thinking are changing your industry before you even aware of it. Learn from thought leaders like Singularity University, investors like Y-Combinator, game changers like Tesla Motors and leading internet companies like Google, Baidu, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox or Slack at the global technology hotspots.

Digital 2030: Exponential Technologies Innovation changing your business, industry and your daily life Technology Trends from USA, Israel, China or Japan are defining our digital future. What is the next big thing? Where do you need to invest your time and money to lead your market in the upcoming years? Virtual Reality, VR Media and VR Entertainment, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Biogenetics, Financial Markets Fintech – BitCoin and Blockchain, Autonomous Vehicles and Self Driving Cars, Energy Innovation – Solar, Battery or Smart Storage, Healthcare Innovation – Healthtech, Digital Business Models – OnDemand Society, Multi-Planetary Life, 3D Printing and Home Production and many other tech mega trends.

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