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Everything matters!

“Nothing is ever final, possibilities are endless, life is never simple, a rolling stone can gather moss, a watched kettle does boil, and those who cry last, cry the most.” – Jonar c Nader.

We all have experiences and all have a story. I have had some extraordinary experiences and learnings, capturing these moments and learning that in life, Everything does Matter!

My recent surfing accident, in which I’m told by the medical team that I narrowly escaped paralysis or possible death with a severely broken neck, has pulled together many learnings from my adrenalin fueled sports together with business experiences in the world of Sales and Leadership.

The tips and tools that I have discovered are not a mystery. A lot has to do with the choices we make and how we action change in our daily lives.

I incorporate experiences from my participation in sport internationally and working abroad, using a mix of humor and audience participation, importantly showing HOW one can apply simple tools to start taking action for personal improvement.

I have learnt the deeper meaning of gratitude, patience and how important our thoughts, words and actions are in overcoming challenges.


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South Africa

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"Selling, it's about moving others"
With over 30 years experience in various roles in the world of sales, I still see sales as a noble trade, its about being human!

"Surviving the fall" - recreating your "blueprint" and defeating the odds.

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