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Nick Abrahams is the Global Head of Technology & Innovation for Norton Rose Fulbright, a professional services firm with over 7,000 employees, Nick Abrahams is at the front line of global business & innovation.

Nick created the world’s first AI-enabled privacy chatbot and was a category winner in the Financial Times Asia-Pac Innovator of the Year Awards in 2020.

Separate to NRF, he is the founder of Australia’s leading online legal service, LawPath which has over 150,000 users and was recognised in the 2020 Deloitte Fast 50 as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies.

He is a director of: global genomics research leader, the Garvan Foundation; the Vodafone Foundation and the Sydney Film Festival.

In December 2020 he stepped off the board of ASX300 software company, Integrated Research after six years.

He is the author of two Amazon best-selling books Digital Disruption in Australia and Big Data, Big Responsibilities.

Nick Abrahams is a futurist. But Nick’s real-world business experience makes him very different to other futurists. Nick doesn’t just read about trends, he lives them every day in his various roles.

The knowledge he gains from being at the front line of global business means his presentations have a currency and a credibility that is hard to match.

Keynote Topic #1

    WTF!!! What the Future - How to win in a fast changing world

    A motivational, hi-energy ride through all the major trends that will affect you, your industry and your people – AI, Robotics, Virtual & Augmented Reality, 3-D Printing, Data & Cyber-risk, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Fintech, IOT, Millennials, Apps, HealthTech and Social.


    It is funny as well as educational and gives people the tools they need to make sure they stay relevant in this period of major upheaval. It also shows companies what they need to do to help keep ahead of these massive changes.

Keynote Topic #2

    What is the Future of your Industry


    Nick does a deep dive into your industry and what the impacts of technology will be. He will cover all relevant technologies, including AI, Robotics, Virtual & Augmented Reality, 3-D Printing, Data & Cyber-risk, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Fintech, IOT, Millennials, App-ocalypse, HealthTech and Social. His presentation will be informative, cutting edge and entertaining with lots of case studies.


    In this session, Nick will cover:

    • What Boomers, Gen X & Z and the Millennials want from financial services
    • The rise of digital currency. The surge in Bitcoin and the success of China’s Digital Yuan is just the beginning of seismic shift in currency & the decline of the US$ hegemony on international trade
    • Decentralised Finance is the most active sector of blockchain with more than US$8 Billion in DeFi smart contracts in 2020 and growing fast.
    • Future of payments systems, gateways and wallets
    • BigTech real threat as Amazon loans $3 Billion to its merchants
    • InsureTech goes vertical, growing even faster than fintech
    • Digital lethargy was penalised in 2020 so digital transformation of all aspects of the business is key for financial services
    • Customer engagement to be elevated by optimal mix of digital and human interaction + appropriate use of data
    • Financial “wellness” of the customer becomes key point of difference
    • Customers force fin services to be purpose driven

Keynote Topic #3

    Get Ready for Tomorrow
    The Seven Key Trends Everyone Needs to Know



    The speed of change for businesses is frenetic with new competitive threats, changing customer dynamics and workforce challenges. It is up to everyone in the organisation to understand how they can engage with and benefit from the demographic and tech trends affecting their industry and their lives.


    In this tailored, high-energy keynote, sprinkled with touches of humour, audiences will discover what leading global companies are doing in the following areas:

    The 2020’s is the Decade of Data – it powers every business model
    Artificial Intelligence is everywhere & it is time to get on-board
    The shift to Work from Anywhere means you need to concentrate on the 4 C’s: Culture, Community, Communication & Collaboration
    Cybersecurity – It is a war and you can win it – but not just with tech
    Like it or not, Bitcoin, Crypto & Distributed Ledgers are impacting many industries
    Radical Simplicity – Time to go Marie Kondo on your business processes
    Prophetic Synthetics – Everything from food, art, influencers and cities – the real benefit of fake things

        • WeSpeak Global
          02/25/2022 at 9:32 am

          Nick gave a session on “Digital Disruption” to our Corporate & Asset Finance Group (inc. senior leadership). Nick is not only an expert on this subject but has an engaging and entertaining style. The session was filled with case studies and practical advice. It prompted excellent discussions on what our organisation should be doing to respond to disruption.

          Phil Castro
          Division Director, Corporate and Asset Finance Group Macquarie Bank Limited

        • WeSpeak Global
          02/25/2022 at 9:30 am

          Nick’s presentation was a real catalyst for discussion and an excellent kick-starter for our innovation initiatives.

          Darc Rassmussen’s
          CEO, Integrated Research Limited

        • WeSpeak Global
          02/25/2022 at 9:30 am

          Nick is a regular Emcee at AmCham events. He does a great job and engages the audience. He has a wonderful sense of humour and knows his stuff.

          Neil’s Marquardt’s
          CEO, American Chamber of Commerce

          Keynote Talk - Live

        • WeSpeak Global
          02/25/2022 at 9:29 am

          Stellar speech… the best show in town.

          Ben Livson

        • WeSpeak Global
          02/25/2022 at 9:29 am

          Nick really energised the crowd of about 200 and delivered information well-tailored to the purpose of our event.

          Richard Heeley
          Division Director, Core Banking Macquarie Bank Limited

        • WeSpeak Global
          02/25/2022 at 9:28 am

          He had the audience in various states of concern, laughter and light bulb moments. Incredibly charismatic.

          Razwina Raiham
          Producer, Gamechangers Conference

        • WeSpeak Global
          02/25/2022 at 9:28 am

          Fast-paced, informative and witty. Nick is easy to work with and a real crowd-pleaser.

          Amanda Tait
          Membership Director, Australian Institute of Company Directors

        • WeSpeak Global
          02/25/2022 at 9:28 am

          Nick’s high energy presentation made sure our 250 franchisees were entertained and educated, but most importantly they were inspired by the opportunities presented by technology and the future. He uses a unique blend of music, video, humour and personal stories to get his messages across. Happy to recommend Nick.

          David Ackery
          Executive Director, Harvey Norman

        • WeSpeak Global
          02/25/2022 at 9:28 am

          Nick gave a keynote at our annual conference and was excellent. Audience feedback was exceptionally positive about Nick hitting precisely the right note.

          Naomi Burley, MD
          GRC Institute

        • WeSpeak Global
          02/25/2022 at 9:28 am

          Nick came on and immediately lifted the energy in the room. His presentation was a mixture of entertainment and information- much of it from his own personal stories. The feedback has been great. Happy to recommend Nick

          Lisa Borden
          Head of ANZ, Information Services Group

          Keynote Talk - Live

          Would you recommend to book

        • WeSpeak Global
          02/25/2022 at 9:27 am

          We were delighted with Nick’s speech on future trends. He lights up a room with his energetic and engaging style. He even has the audience engaging with each other in a fun way. He had us listening, learning, laughing and (almost) crying. We could not be happier with our choice.

          Brad Newton
          VP, Asia Pacific – Docusign, Inc

        • WeSpeak Global
          02/25/2022 at 9:27 am

          Nick has an insider’s understanding of the world of technology and innovation. His speech was funny, fast-paced and insightful as well as being motivating for our people. Happy to recommend Nick.

          Gary Wingrove
          CEO, KPMG Australia

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