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Nicky Abdinor is an international keynote speaker, registered Clinical Psychologist and founder of the non-profit, Nicky’s Drive. She is based in Cape Town, South Africa, where she runs her clinical practice.

She travels globally for keynote speaking events and has spoken at conferences across Africa, Europe, the USA, Australia and the Middle East.

Nicky is always commended on being a “credible” agent of change whether you are connecting with her one-on-one or from an audience. When you meet Nicky, it is hard not to recognise that she puts her message into practice!

Born without arms, not without attitude! Nicky Abdinor is an expert on doing MORE with less.

She is a Clinical Psychologist, International Keynote Speaker and Founder of the non-profit, Nicky’s Drive. Whether you meet Nicky one-on-one or from an audience, it’s hard not to recognise that she puts her message into practice!

A firm believer in focusing on our strengths and lives by the premise of Positive Psychology, “Don’t ignore what is wrong, but focus more on what is RIGHT.”




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