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Nzinga Qunta is a business news anchor with over a decade of experience in radio and television. She is currently anchoring SABC News’ flagship business news bulletin, OnPoint, where she focuses on the top business news stories from across the world and speaks to a range of decision makers on the top stories of the day.


She works on radio on an adhoc basis, on Kaya 959’s Business Show, Kaya Biz, and their current affairs show, Point of View. 


Qunta is a seasoned moderator who facilitates high level conferences, events and seminars with a focus on business, entrepreneurship, innovation, education and tech.


Her work includes facilitating discussions at the World Economic Forum’s virtual Davos Dialogues in 2021, a discussion with CEOs and the President of South Africa on the South African economy and investment in Davos, Switzerland, MCing the South Africa Investment Conference each year since its inception, interviewing the founder of the 5 billion tech company Alibaba, Jack Ma, facilitating discussions at WEF Africa with the Presidents of the Seychelles, and Namibia amongst Qunta is trusted to host heads of state, CEOs, and business leaders and is known for being able to ask the right questions, keep time and moderate fairly and professionally. 


She has moderated events and discussions for corporates and institutions such as Microsoft, Old Mutual, Altron, Standard Bank, Nedbank, CIPS, Brand SA, Fundi, Business Leadership South Africa,  Brand Finance SA, Wits Business School and more. 


Besides her ability to hold weighty conversations with international guests with poise and grace, Qunta is also known for  her distinctive, elegant African attire.


Nzinga Qunta | Conference MC | Event Facilitator | Johannesburg


Qunta has a Law degree as well as an English literature qualification which serve in her ability to be logical, find the best way to conduct proceedings and add gravitas to whichever events she may be booked for. 


Nzinga Qunta is a seasoned moderator who facilitates high level conferences, events and seminars with a focus on business, entrepreneurship and innovation.

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  • Mediacy Mudekwa
    12/07/2021 at 4:21 pm

    Very few occasions brings joy to our hearts than a conference that truly lives up to its standard of quality. We take great pride in the quality of our event, quality that is maintained through the extensive efforts of professionals like Nzinga Qunta.

    After working with her, it became very apparent that her work ethics and professionalism has contributed to the success of the event!

    Nzinga Qunta Emceed Smart Procurement World events for the 3rd time in May (15 – 6 May) this year.

    We initially booked her in 2016 and have booked her repeatedly based on her performance. She is able to contextualise her own speech to deliver heartfelt, in-depth introduction remarks as an MC. What really struck us was her ability to stick to time and maintain a schedule that runs on time every time.

    Nzinga is pleasant to work with and her ability to grasp concepts with ease is also mind-blowing. She moderates discussions with a natural ability and we would recommend her anytime for any MC role available.
    Many delegates mentioned on evaluation forms that she seemed to provide much needed practical conversation wrap up comments and insights to drive the conference forward. Many more comments showed that she had “depth” and that she is visibly “strong on stage”

    Mediacy Mudekwa
    Head of Content

    MC (Virtual or Live)

    Facilitation (Virtual or Live)

    Moderator (Virtual or Live)

  • Richmond Sajini
    10/19/2021 at 4:22 pm

    This letter aims to provide a professional reference for Ms Nzinga Qunta. In my capacity as the Account Manager on the SANRAL Account Manager at Nitrogen Advertising and Design, I have had the pleasure of working with many of the country’s best event MCs and speakers and would rank Nzinga as one of them.

    I served as the project lead for the launch of the new SANRAL CEO’s Horizon 2030 Strategy and Transformation Policy launch. The brief for the MC was that it needed to be someone who was in tune with the latest developments in the country and who would be able to command the room. From the onset of my interaction with Ms Qunta, she handled herself with the utmost professionalism, providing quotes, biographies and photographs on time. She attended briefing meetings diligently and interrogated the content of the briefing documents in order to ensure that she was well informed on the subject matter of the event.

    On the day of the event Ms Qunta was punctual and presented herself in a professional manner. She was a lively and engaging MC from the beginning right to the end, displaying knowledge of the two documents which were being launched and about SANRAL as an organisation.

    I received high praise for selecting her as the MC for the event and even received a personal mention from the CEO in the after-event review.

    In conclusion, it is my greatest pleasure to give Ms Qunta my highest recommendation as an event MC. She will deliver the content that she has been briefed in an insightful and charming manner.

    Richmond Sajini
    Account Manager

    MC (Virtual or Live)

    Moderator (Virtual or Live)

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