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Own Your Industry | Branding | Douglas Kruger

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Learn how to build an industry reputation, use media channels to reach your market, and communicate complex ideas through memorable frameworks. Discover how your fee structure defines you as beginner or valued veteran.


Learn how to develop a title, become a face and a voice in the minds of key industry players, and use simple but powerful positioning techniques to cut through the marketing clutter of your competitors.


Become the answer to the question "you know who you should talk to about that?"

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How to Position Yourself as an Expert
When you are the Branson of business, the Clarkson of cars, the Nigella of food, the business comes to you. Are you a ‘category of 1’? When clients spend into your industry, are you the only logical choice?

For over a decade, business author and professional speaker Douglas Kruger has been studying the phenomenon of experts.

What differentiates them?
What do they do that amateurs don’t?
What can we learn by emulating the behaviors of top performers across a range of industries?

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About the Speaker

When you insist on own your industry, there is no alternative: International speaker and business author Douglas Kruger CSP helps you to build your brand, to out-pace your competitors through innovation, and to position yourself as an industry leader.


Douglas is the author of 6 business books, including the highly acclaimed 'Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert,' with Penguin Random House.


A multiple award-winning speaker, his clients include senior management at companies like MultiChoice, BMW, Liberty and HP. In 2015, Liberty and MultiChoice booked him for their multi-city roadshows. Douglas’s results were so exceptional that in 2016, both organisations insisted on using him again.


In 2016, in honour of excellence in his craft, Douglas was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame by his chapter of the Professional Speakers Association.


In 2018, he was granted the acclaimed ‘Certified Speaking Professional’ designation by the National Speakers Association in America, the highest earned award granted by this international body, and held by only 12 per cent of speakers globally.

About the Video

Are you the Schwarzenegger of bodybuilding, the Branson of business, or the Clarkson of cars? Would you like to be?


Own Your Industry is a guide to what you can do to position yourself as the "go-to name" in your industry. Because when you are known as the expert, the icon, the thought leader - the business will come to you.


Business author and global speaker Douglas Kruger explores all the advantages of moving from amateur to expert, regardless of what you do for a living, whether you are a cartoonist or a chiropractor, an artist or an entrepreneur.



Douglas Kruger is a global speaker and author of a series of books with Penguin Random House. He helps businesses and brands to position themselves at the top of their industries through disruptive innovation and brand positioning.

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