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Paul Leslie-Smith draws on his experiences from competing at the highest levels, using unique footage and examples, he focuses on the similarities between sport and business and how the same principles for making good teams great apply across the board.

Paul highlights behaviors and practices such as Passion, Commitment (Goals and Strategies), Effort, Discipline (Training), Humility, Respect (Trust), Creativity and Courage and translates these directly to teams in work environments.

Having excelled in both sports and business, Paul comes with a unique understanding on what it takes to make good teams great!

Paul presentation focuses on behaviors and practices including:

  • Passion and Commitment (Vision, Goals and Results)
  • Effort and Discipline (Training and Safety)
  • Respect and Humility (Communication, Trust and Selflessness)
  • Creativity and Courage (Diversity, Adaptability and Competitiveness)
  • Balance and Humor (Making it Personal)

Paul also talks about the phases of team development … Forming, Storming, Norming, and finally, Performing.

His business experience includes having lived and worked on four continents and led commercial operations on a fifth in executive leadership roles for Unilever, Sappi and SABMiller.

In his time with Sappi, Paul led their Global Investor Relations efforts, with listings on 4 stock exchanges, as well as their North American based $145m Release Papers business.

More recently, he led Supply Chain and Procurement for SABMiller’s $3.7bn Colombian business, their most profitable and productive operation globally.

Likewise, Paul’s sporting achievements span several disciplines and numerous geographies.

In 2017 for example, Paul summited Aconcagua, which at 6,962m is the highest peak outside of the Himalayas, climbed on Mt Rainier and Mt Denali’s Western Buttress, ran Tokyo Marathon to complete the 6 Marathon Majors and Rio Marathon to complete the Seven Continents, and finally, was part of the team that set 2 new world skydiving records in the US, October 2017.

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