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Paula Quinsee: CEO of Engaged Humans, facilitates connection through building relationships and psychological safety, resulting in engaged humans at work and home. She is also an advocate for Mental Health and activist against gender-based violence.

Building a culture of Engaged Humans not only develops resiliency, but it also helps employees strengthen their leadership skills to better manage themselves and others; and enables them to navigate change more easily.

Your people and culture have a direct impact on your ability to attract and retain talent, adapt, innovate, grow profits and service and retain your customers.

The Engaged Humans Blueprint is designed to develop the mindset that enables effective and impactful individuals, teams, and organisations.

Are your employees costing you money and productivity?

Organisations typically want growth, stability and profit, whilst employees want certainty, belonging and purpose.

Did you know:

  • The corporate sector loses almost R3b pa due to low productivity, absenteeism and unhappy employees?
  • Engaged teams have higher levels of self-awareness, relational awareness and are more cohesive?
  • Happy employees are 65% more energised and 85% more efficient with their time?

According to Forbes, the most in demand skills Companies will be looking for are:

  • Creativity
  • Persuasion
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Emotional intelligence

Do you know what your team’s collective strengths and motivators are and how to leverage them to optimally deliver on your  objectives?

Perhaps it’s time to assess and review your current resources and their compatibility with the landscape ahead of you?


Giving individuals the ability to develop critical human skills that enables them to be more effective and impactful in their roles, as a team and in the workplace.

What is covered:

  • Self-awareness and self-management
  • Collaboration and critical thinking skills
  • Identify strengths and development areas
  • Build resilience and overcome setbacks
  • Communication skills and conflict management.
  • Leading people and teams
  • Dealing with and managing change

Gender Based Violence

Whether we want to admit it or not, gender based violence happens on a daily basis in our homes, our communities and our businesses

What is covered:

  • Awareness of various types of abuse.
  • Red flags and toxic environments.
  • The foundation of family dynamics and how this can impact productivity.
  • Cultivating a speak up vs shut up culture.
  • Support for victims and perpetrators.
  • Practical tools and basic support skills.
  • Being active citizens in the workplace
  • Becoming an employer of choice

Paula Quinsee: Facilitator


Are your employees equipped for the new normal comprising flexible and remote working environments?

What is covered:

  • Remote / virtual working environments
  • Finding a WFH balance
  • Building a resilience mindset
  • Strengths and skills-gaps
  • Coping with and navigating change
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Managing home / work relationships
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  • SiteAdmin
    06/25/2021 at 2:03 pm

    The sessions that we have had with Paula has been awesome!!! We have already learnt so much about ourselves and of each member of our team. We are all looking forward to our next sessions with her. I would recommend this to anyone!!! Thank you Paula! Ashley Engelbrecht, Unibase 07/30/2015

  • SiteAdmin
    06/25/2021 at 2:03 pm

    Paula conducted a workshop on Emotional Intelligence for our department. She is a true professional, very passionate about the subject, and a great presenter. The workshop was very insightful and thought provoking. As Paula says: “IQ is what gets you to your position, EQ is what keeps you there.” Thanks Paula! Iwan Schutte – Group Internal Audit Manager, AECI Ltd 10/02/2015
    Paula recently spoke at the Standard Bank Shared Services Ladies Day Event. The ladies really enjoyed Paula and found her content useful! They learnt a lot about themselves and others and have since applied the NLP tips and tricks. Paula is easy to work with and is accommodating. I highly recommend her. – Georgina, Growth 360 09/11/2015

  • SiteAdmin
    06/25/2021 at 2:03 pm

    Hi Paula, It was an absolute pleasure having you as a Speaker. Thank you for an insightful and illuminating presentation which gave us much to think about. We look forward to having you present to us again in the near future – Garth,Open Circle

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