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Penny Burke was once the director of Australia’s largest advertising agency and responsible for iconic campaigns such as Pro Hart’s ‘Stainmaster Carpet’ and the ‘Not Happy Jan’ campaign, Penny’s vision is indelibly stamped into the DNA of Australian advertising.

As the director of her own marketing communications firm, Penny works with multinationals, SMEs and at all levels of Government as an expert consultant and speaker. Her keynotes are compelling, witty and backed up by rigorous research and case studies.

AME: The condition of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements.

What are you famous for?

How do you build fame in business?

When Penny Burke talks about Fame it's not in the celebrity context, it's fame within the corporate world for individuals, leaders, companies and brands.

What do our people, procedures and brand position project to the world and how are we truly being perceived and talked about?

Do we understand how 'fame' directly relates to the engagement or our people and bottom line results in business?

A fascinating topic to explore regardless of role and industry.

In the world of marketing and advertising Penny Burke was a Director of Australia's largest advertising agency and has been recognised by her peers as a member of the all time best advertising agency 'Dream Team'.

In this role she helped create some of Australia's most iconic brands and campaigns such as Pro Hart Stainmaster Carpet ("Meester Hart, what a mess!"), "Not Happy Jan" (Yellow Pages) and the randy milkman ("Milk. Legendary Stuff").

Penny is currently the founder and Director of marketing communications consultancy Essence Communications that works with some of Australia's best known companies - from large organisations like Specsavers, Jeep, McCain and Nissan to entrepreneurs and a range of SMEs; and all three levels of government.

Keynote Topic #1

Sales and Marketing: What are you famous for?

Most organisations want to be famous with their customers. They want their customers to think of them first, to pay extra for them, to follow them on Facebook and Twitter -to LOVE them above all others. But true and lasting fame has to be earned – and that starts with knowing what it is you are famous for, that is compelling and relevant to your customers.

In this keynote, Penny draws on her experience with Australia's best marketing organisations to explain the importance of building fame, revealing:

  • How to understand and build your competitive point of difference and a 'lighthouse brand'
  • The things that consumers really value
  • What it takes to deliver day in and day out
  • Why condoms don't come in size SMALL
Keynote Topic #2

Culture: What are you famous for?

The hottest topic today for most leaders is culture – how do we create it, change it or align it to better meet the expectations of our employees and customers? Culture has to be locked and loaded, loved and lived from the top down. It is a large and hairy task – but one that has to start with the truth of what it is your culture is famous for now, and what you want it to be famous for in the future.

Penny Burke uses her experience in consulting direct to clients as diverse as Dulux to government departments to share the secrets of building and changing culture, revealing;

  • Why values are the social currency of culture today – but not expressed as they often have been in the past
  • The things that employees really value
  • What it takes to deliver day in and day out
Keynote Topic #3

Leadership: What are you famous for?

Leaders today have a tougher job than ever before – people look to them, inside and outside of the organisation to truly lead and inspire. To motivate and stimulate; encourage and enthuse. At the same time as achieve results for the business!

Understanding what you are famous for as a leader is the first step. You might think that being famous is just for celebrities. Interesting fact, the number one reason young people leave their jobs is not because they don't like their job... but because they don't like their manager or leader. Today’s leaders have to walk the talk if they want to build FAME and attract and engage their unfair share of willing and enthusiastic followers.

In this keynote, Penny Burke unpacks the secrets of how to be a famous leader, including;

Why leaders need to build FAME
How FAME inspires followers to perform because they want to, not because we want them to
What every leader needs to know about what makes people tick, and how to inspire them

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  • Workforce Planning & Development SSA
    03/13/2021 at 3:59 pm

    I have had the pleasure of hearing Penny Burke speak on two occasions. The first time, Penny was part of an Employer Branding panel discussion for an event on Workforce Planning and Development, hosted by the State Services Authority. The panel opened the conference and received high praise (and I’m not just saying that because I organised the panel and its members). As part of the panel, Penny was able to turn the very complex concept of employment branding into an interesting and easily understood idea for the audience. Penny interacted very well with other panel members and was at ease answering questions from the audience. The second time was an Executive meeting at the Department of Human Services. This event was hosted by the Department’s Secretary, Fran Thorn and was attended by the department’s most senior staff. Penny presented on Employer Branding and had the room captivated with her energy and passion for the subject. Penny was very witty and certainly helped bring the subject to life with her relevant stories and examples. Workforce Planning & Development SSA

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  • Penny was the keynote speaker for our local government tourism conference with the emphasis on ‘customer service and living up to expectations’ and she certainly delivered a great customer experience: charming, funny and very personable, she nonetheless made sure our audience got the point. Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW

    Keynote Talks - Virtual

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