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Penny Mallory and her team have worked inside and alongside world-class teams (including F1) within industry and business for decades. Whether it’s small or large organisations, across numerous sectors, Penny and her team have delivered consultancy and coaching that has transformed performance and results.


How do we define Leadership?
Leadership is… influencing, inspiring and directing the performance of people towards the achievement of key organisational goals – and creating a sense of success in the short and long term.
Developing leadership skills in organisations and in society is critical for economic development. What we see is that leadership itself has not changed as a concept. It was and still is about improving performance and engaging with people to do this. Similarly, leadership style is capable of being defined in a way that can also be assessed.

The Leadership Development Program
We create diamond minds with though leadership from very special leaders. Our Leadership Development Program covers areas including sharing strategy and tactics to develop a framework for the team and individual excellence.
Special teams require people who think and behave in an elite way. You can learn to do this too. When you put your team through Penny Mallory’s High Performance coaching and consulting your team will form bonds that create cohesive and productive results. They will share a unique experience that will last a lifetime.

The Leadership Development Program provides insight into the below areas:
– Becoming and Elite Leader
– Building an Elite Team
– Growth Mindset Coaching for Personal & Professional Performance
– How to implement effective Cultural Change
– Confidence and self-belief
– Concentration and attentional focus on positive psychology Mental Toughness

Assessment, Training & Coaching may include these areas:
– Helping leaders identify how they perform and behave as leaders in the workplace
– To enable identification of key skills and competencies for effective leadership
– Identify where and how the leadership style may be delivered for a given situation
– Helping Leaders recognise how their leadership style  might be developed and guided to improve effectiveness

Next Steps
– You can take a Leadership assessment online which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete
– You answer a series of 72 questions
– A report will be generated, scoring your leadership style
– The report is then discussed with you in a one-hour feedback session
Leadership assessments can be purchased at an organisational level or an individual level and further coaching is available after the one-hour feedback session if required.
Our clients work with us because they’re ready to go to the next level. They’re ready to go outside of their comfort zone and reach a new high. We are often the only people in our clients’ lives who have the balls to be brutally honest with them, the only person who can.


Improve Mental Toughness > Transform performance of individuals and organisations
Penny Mallory and her team have worked inside and alongside World Class teams (including F1) within industry and business for decades. Having competed herself at World Championship level, Penny knows how critical it is to address the mental issues that influence your performance.

What is Mental Toughness?
Mental Toughness is the ability to manage and overcome stress, pressure, anxiety, concerns, challenges and circumstances that prevent you from succeeding or excelling at a task. It’s also a measure of your resilience, confidence and ability to see challenges as opportunities rather than threats. People achieve things partly because of their skill, talent and ability but mostly because of their mental toughness.

Think about it… amazing sporting heroes and business leaders pick themselves up time and time again, they go again, and again because they are determined to succeed, and they won’t be beaten by life’s pressure sand obstacles. They are resilient and they find a way. That’s Mental Toughness.

Individuals, teams and organisations can improve and develop their mental toughness in order to better handle the stress and pressure of work, achieve a particular goal, or to simply reduce anxiety (therefore improving mental health).
The opposite of Mental Toughness is Mental Sensitivity (not weakness) and these people are more at risk of mental health issues because they don’t cope well with stress and pressure.

There are 4 key areas that determine your Mental Toughness:
How you feel you are in control of your life and your emotions?
How committed you are to completing goals? Do you give up before you complete the task, and do you lose focus?
How you have a belief in your ability to approach and complete a task, and how you influence others?
How you push yourself and how driven are you to succeed? Do you challenges as opportunities or threats?

The Mental Toughness Programme
Many Mental Toughness can be improved through assessment, diagnosis, training and coaching. Our development programmes can be tailored to each organisation and individual .

Mental Toughness programmes are invaluable for:
– Leadership & Management Development
– Staff Development
– New Recruit Development
– Organisational Development
Assessment, Training & Coaching may include these areas:
– Visualisation
– Anxiety control
– Positive thinking
– Goal setting & Re-framing
– The test itself
– Feedback & coaching
Next Steps
– You can take a Mental Toughness assessment online which takes approximately 10 minutes to complete
– You answer a series of 48 questions
– A report will be generated, measuring you in the 4 areas of Commitment, Control, Confidence and Challenge
– The report is then discussed with you in a one-hour feedback session

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