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Personal Leadership | Llewellyn Devereaux

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This Keynote is about PERSONAL LEADERSHIP and how to be your own leader through current trials and tribulations with some key take away messages. You can use this 10 minute recorded video with your teams or for personal gain.


  • How Covid has impacted us
  • Becoming indispensable
  • How your salary is determined
  • Raising your value
  • Aligning your interests with the organisation/industry/ecosystem
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About the Speaker

Llewellyn Devereaux mission with personal leadership knows it is connected to growing the wealth and productivity of the 3rd world, also tackling unemployment where he wants to liberate the mental barriers and blocks in individuals that has come as a result of past programming thereafter . His plan is to send Africa into the new dimension.


His teachings penetrate deep into the belief systems where of people where the work needs to be done but where most refuse to face because of all the distractions life throws at us. His primary areas of teaching are to share the keys to wisdom, wealth and progress.




Llewellyn is in a Strategy/Innovation Consultant, Best-selling Author, Global Speaker, and writes for publications worldwide.


After completing his studies at Wits University having done Economic Science, Llewellyn had an idea in 2012 to invent the world’s first premium anti-hangover shooter – Lohocla (alcohol backwards)), a product to help alleviate the symptoms of a hangover so that responsible people could still function after nights out.


It took him several years to develop the product which is now nationwide at liquor stores and is now about to be exported globally.

About the Video

Learnings will include principles that help people and organisations deal with fear, adversity, personal leadership, resilience, adaptability and changing your life. The outcome of these talks is a fresh perspective, inspiration and empowerment.


Master of self, Llewellyn Devereaux uncovered key principles that lead to his success, not only in making the worlds first anti-hangover shooter a global sensation, but also in unlocking his purpose and wealth.


Llewellyn has now made it his mission to share his knowledge and understanding of these key learnings with others through The Mastery Code seminars and book, of the same name.


The Mastery Code is a global knowledge company focusing on self-mastery, money-mastery & purpose.


In achieving self-mastery one can actualize their potential and enjoy a fulfilling life. Getting to that point is a journey however, as self mastery requires having a vision for your future self & harnessing the will to realize that vision.

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