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Phil Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE is an award-winning Keynote Speaker, Author, Trusted Advisor: Commonsense Leadership that Compounds Influence.

Today’s chaotic business environments have leaders and business professionals longing for a dose of commonsense wisdom. Phillip Van Hooser is a voice of reason in their world of confusing realities. 

Phil has been in their shoes. From his own leadership experience in FORTUNE 500 manufacturing, consumer products, and banking, he knows the anxiety and hard costs that follow leadership approaches based on something other than prudence and practicality. 

As an HR Director, he had to rectify the results of leaders who misspoke, misspent, and misused their leadership power and position. In the process, Phil realized and refined the foundational, commonsense practices that authentically connect leaders with their people while compounding the significance of their influence and impact.


For the last 30+ years, hundreds of businesses and brands wanting to build teamwork, trust, and a culture of engaged leadership, have confidently turned to Phil Van Hooser for the guidance and encouragement to do it right!

As a trusted advisor and keynote speaker for major U.S. companies and organizations, Phillip Van Hooser has one driving mission: challenge the status quo and prepare business professionals with commonsense guidance for the opportunities and obstacles awaiting them.

A seasoned leader in manufacturing and banking, Phil has been showing business professionals how to successfully execute their responsibilities while authentically engaging and empowering their people for 30+ years.

As a result, thousands of professionals from a myriad of industries are compounding their influence and continuing their impact in the companies, communities, and circles in which they live!

  • Solidify Connection & Engagement
  • Challenge Status Quo Leadership
  • Foster A Mindset To Embrace Change
  • Compound Influence & Impact

Conversational, Status Quo-Challenging Keynotes!

  1. In Person, Hybrid & Virtual
  2. Leadership & Communication
  3. Service & Professionalism
  4. Change
  5. Influence

Too Busy for Details: Stories & Strategies to Solidify Leadership Connection
It’s not hard to imagine, most of us have seen it: a disconnected leader trying desperately to make big things happen yet completely out of touch with their people — the very people they rely on to get it done.

In the rush of business demands, it’s easy to neglect some details. But leadership connection should never be one of them. Every business relationship rests on a connection. How well you solidify those connections directly impacts your influence and success.

From relatable, real-life, and sometimes, raw stories of “what to do and not do,” discover how impactful leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and successful, everyday people strengthen their connection and leadership impact.

When these commonsense strategies are applied, business owners, managers, and leaders at any level understand:

  • Why their people want authentic connections and how to establish them
  • How active listening and honest communication build greater respect, trust, and relationships
  • The all-too-common “sins” which destroy leadership influence
  • The commandments impactful leaders habitually practice

The presentation is perfect for:

  • Leaders, managers, emerging leaders, and high potential team members
  • Teams preparing for succession or culture change.
  • Any group working toward greater team engagement and trust.
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