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Pierre du Plessis cares deeply about the things we build. He is a creative director and designer who knows that bad design breaks businesses.

He spends his time helping businesses embrace good design to build valuable thoughtful and beautiful products and brands.

Pierre has worked in the creative world since 2000 in everything from fashion to app design.

He is the founder of Palaestra, a community of practice where people train together to become better humans being so that they can build things that matter.

An award-winning author, having received the Desmond Tutu, Gerrit Brand prize for literature.

Pierre speaks to audiences around the world on how to use creativity, design and age-old wisdom to solve today’s problems.

Featured regularly on TEDx stages, and his speaking clients include BMW, KFC, Adcock Ingram, Alan Gray, LASIK, and many others. Now you can purchase instant video access from my shop

He believes he is the love child of Gertrude Stein and Jason Bourne and lives in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife, two kids and his iPhone.

Keynote Topic #1

Innovation - The biggest missed opportunity in Innovation

In Praise of Shadows


Treasure is never found out in the open, treasure is found in the dark. Innovation, creativity, adventure, and life is found in the sacred mess of mystery, chaos, and uncertainty. The soul needs its secrets, and it is in these where true creativity originates.

This message deconstructs our addiction to facts and draws all the way from Japanese aesthetics to Oscar Wilde to speak on the necessity of uncertainty, the gift of chaos, and the source of true innovation. This keynote and Masterclass gives leaders a new lens for thinking about where innovation originates. They will walk away with practical randomization practices they can build into their lives and their businesses.

Innovation teams, Marketing teams, Creative Teams, Strategy teams, Entrepreneurs, Start Ups

Keynote Topic #2

Marketing - Using the Power of Storytelling to market and grow your business

Villains, Heroes, and Victories


Once upon a time… See, I already have your attention. Our brains are hardwired for stories. Telling stories is how we make sense of the world and embed our lives with meaning.

One of the biggest reasons that major shifts in nations, history, and in business occurred is because someone told a better story. A story that excited, motivated, and mobilized people. Think of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’, or Nelson Mandela’s ‘Never and never again’, or even Steve Jobs’ ‘Think different.’ All these movements were carried by story. They showed people a glimpse of what the world can be and gave them a new vision.

It is any leader’s first task to define a new reality and that can only be done with great storytelling. Storytelling is a sure-fire way to explain an abstract concept and simplify something complex.

People don’t buy bullet points, they buy stories. Which is why you need to be wrapping your products in narratives and not in spec sheets.


Pierre, a master storyteller, will open your team’s mind to the power of storytelling.

Your team will learn the five parts of the StoryMap which they can use to harness the time-tested power of storytelling to increase sales and grow your business.

They will learn not only how to tell your brand’s story, but more importantly how to place your customer as the hero so your brand can enter their story.

Marketers, Sales teams, Designers, founders, C Suite

Keynote Topic #3

Trend Reports


My team of researchers and I can put together a trend report on any industry specifically focused on innovation, new products and design trends within that space to give you the insight you need to build great things.


the innovation torrent.


Innovation is everything.

Either innovate or get left behind, bottom line.
This presentation is a rushing, violent, and abundant, unceasing stream of innovations.

It is freshly curated every time it is presented in order to show you the latest innovations and trends from across Africa and the world, across multiple disciplines.

Not just the cool and the interesting, innovation that matters. Innovation that is changing the way we live our lives for the better.

It shows innovation in consumer behaviour, design, work, retail, food, entertainment, art, and of course tech and UX just to mention a few.
Inspiration can come from anywhere, and usually not from where we expect it. Your industry might be finance for example, but the hottest food trend might just be the thing to spark the fire.



The food industry in South Africa is a trillion-rand market and food is no longer just ‘food’, food is fashion, changing faster than you can say ‘vegan’.

This report explores the major food trends from around the globe, as well as the latest consumer details from within South Africa.

This presentation is a rushing, violent, and abundant, unceasing stream of innovations and trends THAT MATTER.

It is freshly curated every time it is presented in order to show you the latest food innovations and trends from across Africa and the world.

Strategy teams, Think tanks, innovation teams, founders, C-suite

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  • Brigott Bruintjies
    06/28/2021 at 10:13 am

    Pierre’s talk was truly engaging – he was easy to listen to and his advice was highly practical. The audience was captivated, and 178 attendees were in awe. Recordings were requested which shows true motivation was received. Excitement is building for his next topic. Thank you again Pierre for a soul touching deliverance of a well appreciated topic, especially in this pandemic challenging times.

    Kind regards
    Brigott Bruintjies, Allan Gray

    Keynote Talks - Virtual

  • WeSpeak Admin
    04/21/2020 at 12:08 pm

    He is not a typical “speaker circuit” guy, that sounds like a radio recording. Pierre is real and authentic. Above all, Pierre lands a message so delicately, that weeks later little nuggets from a talk will still pop up in your head”
    Dewald du Plooy, Marketing Director KFC

    Keynote Talk - Live

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