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Prof. Brian Armstrong is an industry veteran and thought leader on technology and digitalisation.


He has over 30 years business experience, most recently as the Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Telkom, where he is widely credited with having turned around Telkom Business and being a key part of the Telkom group turnaround team.


Before that he established BT Global Services in the Middle East and Africa.


He has a PhD in Electronic Engineering from University College London and has recently accepted an offer from Wits Business School to take on the role of Adjunct Professor in the Chair of Digital Business.


Prof. Brian Armstrong | Digital Innovation Speaker


Brian Armstrong is South Africa’s pre-eminent thought leader on Digitalisation and Business Strategy.


He is the Professor of Digital Business at the Wits Business School, built on a recent foundation of 30 years of top-level management experience running and transforming large tech companies in South Africa and abroad.


Sought after as a Board member and advisor and consultant on digital transformation and brings a unique depth of insight and practical experience to this often hyped and confused field.


Brian Armstrong is known as one of the industry’s most engaging speakers and consistently gets in excess of 80% “9 & 10” scores for his presentations and workshops.


His talks are simultaneously engaging, actionable and challenging, and provide a clear clarion call as businesses embark on their exciting, but sometimes daunting, journeys into the digital future.


The talk, “Lessons from the present ‐ where to play and how to win in the digital age” looks at case studies and lessons from the present to formulate a model of where businesses should focus, and how they can compete better, to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in this digital age.


The talk is not about futurology; rather, it gives practical and actionable insights based on current facts and data to help business leaders formulate coherent strategies and execution plans to lead their businesses in our fast moving and challenging business landscape.

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