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South Africa



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Kwa-Zulu Natal

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Professor Megandhren Govender (aka Dr G) has over two decades of experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate students at University. Over the years he has seen thousands of students graduate from his classes to take up strategic positions as engineers across the world.

Through his Physics Support Classes, he has seen learners from all walks of life succeed in accomplishing their dreams ranging from artists, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, astrophysicists, to mention just a few. He has been a coach and mentor to many youngsters, educators, parents and graduates. Dr G has supervised several postgraduate students in research areas covering Chiropractic, Homoeopathy, Mathematics and Astrophysics.

Science Shows bring Science and Mathematics back to Life

Dr G’s unique science road shows have put something really special back into the teaching and learning of Science, mathematics and technology. With his shows “Riddles in my Soup Mug”, “The Flying Circus of Science”, “That Sense-able Show” and “Who moved my Frisbee”, Dr G has brought a brand new perspective into the teaching Universe. With brilliant demonstrations, witty humour, cool dance moves and tons of motivation, these shows have been watched by tens of thousands of learners across South Africa.

Teacher Training

Dr G has been working closely with educators through schools, DOE, UKZN and DUT. His unique approach to teaching has been used in many classrooms around South Africa. The hands-on approach to teaching has reinvigorated and inspired both educators and learners. ‘Show and Tell’ has been taken to a whole new level with learners demonstrating more interesting phenomena in the classroom. Teachers are also finding innovative teaching methods with the use of multimedia, YouTube videos, etc.

Taking Science to the Masses

From live demonstrations at uShaka Marine World, social gatherings (including birthday parties, Women’s Day events, Community Fairs) through to the use of social media such as YouTube and Facebook, Dr G is reaching thousands of people on a daily basis. The internet has enabled him to connect with people abroad from far afield as Oman, USA, UK, Australia, Far East and India. Dr G’s efforts at spreading the FUN of SCIENCE has been internationalised and is now entering a Golden Age of teaching, learning and sharing of knowledge.

Corporate Links and CSI

Dr G has worked with several large corporates to change the way people think not just in terms of science and mathematics but life in general. Community development and outreach are at the core of our mission to changing people’s mind sets especially when it comes to motivation, vision and inspiration. Community engagement through corporate sponsors brings together people of all ages and backgrounds. Such a spectrum of knowledge and experience is most likely to pay dividends within the community. We are also involved in staff development irrespective of the industry. We have worked with a range of companies ranging from the chemical industry, manufacturing industry, research and development as well as academic institutions.

Our approach to teaching, motivating and inspiring people is such that our focus is to engineer a new generation of original thinkers. A single original thought can and has changed the course of civilisation many times over.
WHO IS Professor Megandhren Govender (a.k.a Dr G)?

From dunking marshmallows into liquid nitrogen (temperature of -1960C), launching methanol rockets, levitating objects, baking bread using ice-cream through to creating fire vortices using a dustbin and a turntable, the audience will be elevated to another level of thinking. The experience through audience participation, visuals, motion, humour, music and dance will leave everyone wanting more. This is a life-changing, mind-blowing and jaw-dropping experience.

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