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Audiences around the globe are captivated as top professional speaker Quinton Coetzee fills the room with his charisma and energy.  His message is powerful. His persona is dynamic, bold and animated; his revelations are compelling as he skillfully demonstrates how Mother Nature herself is the author of the most definitive guide to personal and business success that one can find anywhere in the world today. These are essential business principles that we instinctively KNOW, and have either forgotten, or choose to ignore – at our peril!

Using spectacular visuals of wildlife and the tribes of Africa, Quinton’s unforgettable analogies vividly drive home the necessity to get ‘Back to Basics’. He proves that enhanced performance, continuous improvement and ultimate success can only be achieved once ‘The Basics’ are firmly in place.

Quinton’s presentation style is highly energetic, yet unassuming. No text-book-quotations, no bullet-points, no ‘rah-rah’, no talk about himself … just down-to-earth, raw, real and relevant truths that relate directly to improved performance. And any audience easily connects with the tangible tools that he provides in order to achieve this.

This is one of those experiences where individuals will make decisions about who they are and the way they do things… there and then! That’s why they keep coming back for more!

Quinton Coetzee inspires and motivates. His globally celebrated ‘natural system’ presentations enthrall, engage and punch home the necessity for continuous improvement by anyone within any endeavor. A unique experience that is hard-hitting, yet humorous… and its straight-forwardness is invigorating.

Quinton’s performances are adapted and customised to captivate every audience, earning him top marks on each occasion! They will be talked about, recounted and remembered.

Add impact to your next conference or special event:

  • Conference / Convention / Seminar
  • Keynote Address
  • Motivation / Inspiration
  • Opening/Closing Address
  • Breakfast / Luncheon / Dinner Events
  • Awards/Recognition Ceremonies
  • Teambuilding / Sales Conferences
  • Customer / Year-end Functions
  • Product Launches / Promotional Events
  • MC
  • Facilitation

Keynote Talk - Back 2 Basics

  • Develop and retain alliances, partnerships, relationships, friendships, contacts.
  • Role-player interdependence determines teamwork success.
  • Develop/support/align your team members if you wish to thrive.
  • Opportunity – recognise, seize and exploit every opportunity.
  • Succeed with the resources you have available.

Know your environment – environments change!
Creativity, resourcefulness and innovation…
Problem solving – identify and deal with problems…NOW!
Think differently/out of the box.
Customers keep us alive! Value, respect, care for, and protect them.
KNOW your customer.
GROW your client base.

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying…!”
Change management. Embrace Change!
ADAPT OR DIE! Diversification in times of change.
Training, skill development, mentorship – become a champion at what you do.
Personal Development is a continuous process…
What you think is what you become! Confidence in your own abilities…

Topics Covered

Keynote - Back 2 Basics
Keynote - Head, Heart and Guts


Australia, Botswana, Germany, Ghana, Ireland, Namibia, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America


Keynote - Back 2 Basics
Keynote - Head, Heart and Guts

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I travel from Nelspruit area and book my own flights and car hire where required.

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