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Rajiv Nathan is is a shock of energy for any conference or event! Named an "Agent of Change" by Huffington Post, Raj’s advice and strategy was featured in Inc, Forbes, just to name a few.

Like rocket fuel for startups and SaaS companies, Raj empowers audiences to make their pitch a performance and gets them on their feet and dancing in their seats.

This energetic and motivating nature comes from his background as a hip hop artist, yoga instructor and host of the popular show Startup Hypeman: The Podcast.

Featured in HuffPo, Inc, Forbes, Techweek, Redeye Big Idea Awards and more!

In 2018, RajNATION was awarded The Selfless Service Award from Bunker Labs.


Make your Pitch a Performance Perfect your Pitch.

Pitching can be scary, intimidating and totally unnerving.Whether it’s to an investor, a customer, or to an audience, this keynote & rap performance will get you out of your seat and singing your startup’s song. Startup Hypeman Founder RajNATION takes audiences through a ridiculously simple formula to make your pitches a 10, giving them tools they can use to make a difference immediately!

How to Become an Expert in Vulnerability.

Performed at TedX RushU, Rajiv shares an unexpected experience he had on a retreat to Costa Rica, bonding with a ripped Jaegermeister- swilling train conductor coming to the conclusion that “the basis for progress is vulnerability.” Through powerful storytelling and models for challenging ideas, thoughts, and actions Raj empowers the audience to:

    • Create vulnerable situations by making themselves uncomfortable.
    • Shifts the focus to the process of building expertise rather than the outcome.
    • Challenge themselves to create opportunities for vulnerability and put it into practice NOW.

How To Not Suck At Pitching Your Startup – How To Not Suck At SaaS.

“We suck at telling our story!” Ever said that to yourself? You have this great product or service, but you’re either too technical, too in the weeds, or just say too much to get investors, customers, and stakeholders to listen. Rajiv shares how to craft an elevator pitch that turns heads and gets people to say, “wait, tell me more!” Learn the principles of building storytelling into your pitch deck to get your audience to lean in, and go through the exact pitch strategies and formulas that have helped several startups.

Wake Up, Raise Up

He raps about the disadvantages entrepreneurs face when they don’t (or can’t) project the persona of an alpha-male in a song he exhibited as a finalist at last year’s Tronc (a.k.a. Tribune Publishing) Chicago Redeye Big Idea Awards. Citing the statistic that just 2% of all venture capital in the U.S. goes to companies founded solely by women, the lyrics rage against toxic masculinity in venture capital to the detriment of women and underrepresented groups.

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  • Marie Hale
    06/13/2022 at 7:54 am

    Raj is hands down one of the biggest powerhouses to hit a stage. From rapping, to out of the box experiences that get people on their feet, Raj is able to connect with audiences of multiple generations and backgrounds and sets an incredible tone for any event that he is a part of.

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    Value for money

  • Michael Donnelly
    05/08/2022 at 10:30 am

    Rajiv Nathan hits the stage like no other. Quite literally communicating profound lessons for company growth mixed with inspiration delivered through a well thought out professional presentation, peppered with a rap performance that gets event attendees on their feet with their hands in the air (not joking, everyone at FWD was standing and cheering)! Having Raj involved in your event creates a truly unique and memorable experience.

    ~ Michael Donnelly, Founder of FWD Collective and FWD Conference.

    Keynote Talk - Live

    • Marie Hale
      06/13/2022 at 7:51 am

      You are so dead on! He lights up a room, sparks creativity and inspires delight and curiosity!

  • Josh Carter
    02/08/2022 at 11:36 am

    For a lot of educational based talks people tend to zone in and out. You can see that when attendees are checking email, looking at their phone, or simply not engaged. That did not happen with your session. People were taking notes, responding to feedback, and clearly connecting with the material.

    ~ Josh Carter, CEO of Patriot Boot Camp.

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • Jeff Wartman
    10/08/2021 at 8:22 am

    Thanks for providing such awesome content — there are so many dud speakers out there and I was blown away by not only how much fun I had watching your preso, but also how much we learned. My SDRs actually mentioned to me that they have actionable takeaways that they can put into place today!

    ~ Jeff Wartman, SDR Manager of Intercom.

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • Shirley Yang
    09/19/2021 at 3:00 pm

    Our company worked with Raj to develop 3 different types of pitches: to business and brands, to creators and influencers, and to general public and investors. They are really different segments and Raj had the ability to pull out different concepts to develop them into super clear messaging. Muses raised $1.2 million seed!

    ~ Shirley Yang, Founder & CEO of Muses.

    Keynote Talk - Live

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