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Currently the Executive Head of Strategic Management and Governance at National Parliament, with over 20 years prior experience in the banking sector in South Africa, Ravi Moodley multiple industry and cross-functional exposure grants him unique context and insight into the vague, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business landscape in South Africa.

He regularly engages with captains of industry, politicians and labour unions alike. Ravi’s core skills lie in the domains of Strategy and Business Planning, Change Management and Business Transformation, Innovation, Risk Management, Project and Programme Management, Business Intelligence and Market Research with a proven ability to navigate complex business environments with multiple stakeholders.

He has a track record of success in turnaround, step-change in business performance and transformation in both the Private and Public Sectors.  In essence he future-proofs businesses by creating and directing a strategic roadmap of structured change. Ravi holds a BSc Honours degree in Mathematical Statistics from the University of Natal Durban as well as an EDP from the University of Stellenbosch Business School. He is firmly of the view that Strategic Management is both an art and a science.


Keynote Topic #1

    South Africa’s Political Landscape: Scenarios for the next 5 years

    South Africa’s political landscape is volatile leading to a lack of social cohesion, economic uncertainty and a business environment that is complex to navigate. The spectrum of South African politics ranges from far left to far right with a few players sitting in the middle. Some of the role players strongly advocate nationalisation of key sectors whilst others call for further privatisation. The scenarios for South Africa’s economic future could vary significantly depending upon which political ideology prevails over the next five years. Understanding the political landscape and role of government in South Africa and the potential scenarios over the near future is essential for business success. One needs to differentiate between political ideology versus what translates into policy shifts. Political change implications need to be factored into corporate strategic planning and strategic risks need to be assessed frequently. I will cover the most likely scenarios over the next 5 years, the key role players, the future role of government and the likely implications for doing business in South Africa.

    • Minimize the impact of political uncertainty on your organisation by understanding the key drivers of change and the various role players
    • Incorporate political scenario planning into strategic planning, risk assessments and decision making
    • Proactively engage on the future role of government
    • Embed your organisation in the ecosystem.

    Group Executives and Board Members (private sector), Group Executives and Board Members (public sector – SOE’s, Departments, Municipalities), Aspiring Executive Management

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