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Raymond de Villiers helps corporate understand how trends like Cheap Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Digitisation, Fintech, and other Changing Global Dynamics influence Strategy, Leadership and your Organisation.

An international speaker and consultant who has presented to an impressive list of global organisations helping them understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in the New World of Work.

Raymond’s engaging story-telling style draws on his experiences around the world – including an extensive period in the Middle East – incorporating broad research and sound globally-relevant content making him a fresh insightful voice in his space.

“Understanding how technology and other trends are moulding the changing world, how this is being experienced in the workplace, and how leaders need to respond. We cannot continue to operate as business as usual today is remotely like business as usual was yesterday.

Leaders and managers need to transform how they think and act if they are going to facilitate successful team and organisational dynamics in this new reality. The business model of the analogue world needs an overhaul for relevance in our digital future”

Ray started out with a technical high school education, moving on to studying mechanical engineering.

He joined the family engineering business for a short while before moving into the IT sector with Dimension Data.

He researched the influence of computer games on the corporate workplace while he was studying a Masters in Future Studies at Stellenbosch University.

This created a business that built computer game-based simulations for corporates (and killed his masters). He is now part of the team of futurists at TomorrowToday Global. He draws on his diverse background and experience to track trends and understand the implications of this time of disruptive change in which we live.

Ray’s message and content will help you engage critical discussion points, whether at strategic, executive, or operational management level. Raymond de Villiers Futurist message goes down equally well as detailed input into a strategic offsite, or as a motivational conference keynote.

Raymond de Villiers joins the dots many of us see, and some we don’t, to draw a picture that helps his clients make sense of the changing world around them.

Using stories, examples, and well researched content from corporates, academia, social and mainstream media he takes you on a journey toward relevance in the new world of work, follow Ray on Twitter.

Ray is a part of the dynamic team at TomorrowToday Global where his specific focus is on the impact of the transition to the digital world of work. For further list of Speakers see Q-Z

At the end of a session with Raymond – whether a keynote or more interactive workshop – you will be better positioned to navigate the rapids of the turbulent new world of work in which we all function.

Professional Speaker & Consultant, TomorrowToday Global
Present on the international speaking circuit on trends related to the future world of work. Specific focus areas are the impact of the digital world, Fintech, talent development, understanding Digital Natives (Millennials)
Learning and Development lead – KPMG
Headed up the Learning and Development stream of a Working Capital Optimisation project at SABIC in Saudi Arabia. I worked with a team from KPMG UK, and KPMG Gulf.
CEO – Wisdom Games 
Ran the start up Wisdom Games. The company used computer gaming technology to build business simulations for the corporate sector. We worked with clients in IT, Financial Services, Business Schools, and other innovative sectors.
Professional Speaker & Consultant, TomorrowToday Global
Present on the local South African speaking circuit on trends related to the future world of work. Specific focus areas were the talent development dynamics between Baby Boomers & Gen X, Innovation, and Generational Theory.
Operations Director, B2B4C Future Management
A boutique consulting company based in Cape Town that supported organisations transformation and culture shift initiatives within corporate clients.
Change Management Team leader, Dimension Data
Led a team of consultants who supported the delivery of CRM software solutions. Focused on the user community with the aim of getting user buy-in and higher rates of adoption of the software.

Danger of just Digitising
The transition to the Digital world is not just about bolting a digital veneer onto the old way of working. It requires a fundamental rethink of our business models

Keynote # 1

Being Human In a Technological Age

Futurists and trend analysts are focusing on the tech disruption of digitisation and automation with a lot of information about how this will remove jobs and make people redundant.

Human society has shifted through several similar disruptions before - Industrialisation, Electrification, introduction of computers… and every time we have adjusted and moved on and thrived

We have managed these periods of transition by identifying the central human value proposition in the evolving world of work and adjusting to suit this new reality.

This keynote presentation examines our Human Value proposition in a Technological age.

We need to focus on a skills and aptitude and attitude development in a few areas:

        Creativity                                            Initiative

        Resilience                                           Adaptability

        Social and Cultural Awareness       (self) Leadership

Increasingly we also need to develop a robust TechnoEthic - when the answer to “Can we do it?” is often YES, the question need to change to “Should we do it?” OR “What happens if we do it?”

Competitive advantage in the Technology age is in maximising our HUMANITY not letting the changes in technology cause us to loose perspective

Keynote # 2

High Performing Talent in the New World of Work

Thrive in diversity  Adaptable   Lifelong learning   Experiment (and fail)  Networked   Technological

All of these dynamics converge into new organisational trends we need to consider e.g. Gig Economy and Contingent workforce, Holacracy, Heterarchy, 

The Circle of Courage provides a framework for an effective Leadership model for this talent

A High performer in the world of work that many of our parents were in during the mid-20th century would be a NON-performer if they were dropped into the digital world of work…. just doing the job may be possible, but high performance requires a closer understanding of the new world of work.

Talent in the new world of work are Digital Natives, who share the workspace with Digital Immigrants.

Digital Natives have developed a different set of values based on their development in a digital reality

        Sociability                        Competitiveness

        Multi-tasking                   Flexibility

        Arrogance                        Insubordination

The keynote presentation looks at each of these in context.

In order for us to get the best out of our new talent we need to understand them.  TALENT provides a simple framework to engage this. 

The keynote presentation looks at each of these in context.

In order for us to get the best out of our new talent we need to understand them.  TALENT provides a simple framework to engage this. 

Keynote # 3

The Future of Work

The world of work is shifting through the Digital Revolution, but we need to manage our response appropriately - where do you sit on the continuum from Analogue - Digitisation - being Digital?

A narrative drive review of some of the most significant areas of digital and automation currently working out in the world of work

Some of these areas include:

        Artificial Intelligence                       Quantum Computing 

        Mixed Reality                                   Gamification

        Self Driving and Drone Tech         

        Digitisation of Money (Fintech, Insurtech, Govtech, Regtech)

        Biomimicry (tech based on nature)

        Clean and Renewable Energy

This is put into context with the people dynamics experienced in the workplace

        Ageing workforce - in developed economies vs Youth dominance of Africa and             developing economies

        Lifestage crises and Generational dynamics

The keynote concludes with the proposing of a few organisational model responses to be effective in the future of work

Country of Residence:

South Africa


* Digital Leadership Bootcamp
* Data for Leaders
* Being Human in a Technological Age
* The Future of Work
* High Performing People in the New World of Work
* The Future of Money

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      • Warwick Bloom
        18 November 2020 at 3:01 pm

        Ray’s perception was spot on. The talk was just the right mixture of human interest and lessons for business and went down a treat. I am happy to provide a reference as follows:

        “I approached Ray with a view to taking a slightly different angle to his standard talks. Having read about his resilience in the face of significant life challenges, I wanted Ray to share his personal experiences in order to contextualise his thoughts around what resilience means in the corporate environment today. And he did so with aplomb – giving a highly personal and vulnerable talk, while remaining consummately professional. I’d have no problem recommending Ray as a speaker in these turbulent times.” Warwick Bloom. Group Marketing | Hollard | South Africa

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