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South Africa


Cape Town

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Western Cape

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Richard Mulholland is a highly regarded speaker. When not addressing many of South Africa's top corporations, he guest lectures on courses for The Cape Graduate School of Business (GSB), and the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).


Richard kicked off his career as a rock n roll roadie, operating lights for bands such as Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. From there he started SA's largest presentation firm, Missing Link and co-founded 21Tanks, SA's first perspective lab.


As well as blogging Richard is a columnist for Longevity and Destiny Man magazines. He has a tattoo of your Mum on his left bum cheek...! For Rich, being a speaker and being a rock star are not that far apart. Being on stage means taking your audience on a journey, telling them a story. And who doesn’t like a good story? More importantly, who doesn’t remember one?


He started and grew Missing Link to be the largest Presentation firm in South Africa. Never one to be satisfied with stagnation, Rich has made use of his advanced years to accomplish a fair amount. He bred again, tattooed his back, owns two houses, and now rides a Vespa (after failing his learner’s…).


They grow up so fast… He also co-founded our sister company – 21Tanks! All entrepreneurs make mistakes, great entrepreneurs learn from them. In this “greatest hits” talk, Richard explores the key mistakes that he has made on his entrepreneurial journey so that you don’t have to. From how badly we innovate, to how ineffective we are at truly understanding customer service (and all that comes in between those), it’s the kick in the shorts that all entrepreneurs need.


Helping your business find its victory condition.


To align a set of individuals into a group understanding of why your business needs a singular strategic destination. To then facilitate the process for the creation of that as a team.




“We recently had an opportunity to partner and work with Missing Link over a 3-day senior management strategy session … including the concept of Victory Conditioning. Not only did this introduce a huge element of fun to our working sessions, but really proved a fascinating and very effective processing defining core business challenges and identifying potential solutions.”


Unlike a rock star though, he doesn’t care if you remember him or not – just as long as you recall what he said. But why the passion for provoking thought and action in the corporates? It is just his way of educating companies and rescuing them from tired practices they sometimes insist on keeping the faith in. After all he is a giver, allegedly as you must remember he is scottish after all with deep pockets!

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