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Meet Richard Wright, an inspirational force to be reckoned with. Coupled with his vast experience as a top salesperson and National Training manager for SA’s premier real estate company. Richard delivers an unforgettable and powerful experience. Oh, and he is really funny and entertaining!


Overcoming rare terminal brain cancer is a big deal.


Beating it thrice is bigger…


But undergoing treatment and fighting the cancer, at the same time also completing 3 full ironman races – finishing in the top five percent of all the finishers ……is truly incredible!


Richard Wright is an expert on the mind and cognitive thought control as a means to effect change and overcome any challenge or obstacle.


He has mastered true grit and is a radical optimist. Richard uses the story of his fight against cancer, achieving the impossible, as a vehicle within his keynotes to deliver the lessons he has learned about human behaviour and the power of the mind.


It is a story of endurance, passion, heartbreak, and the triumph of the human spirit over crippling adversity. His talks will inspire your team and elevate your business to the next level.




‘Where’s The Finish-line?’ – Execution starts with focus.

Things change, you face disruption and challenges abound. The finish-line moves or even disappears, and your expectations are thrown. How do you overcome, and even thrive in the chaos. What you focus on in times of change is critical to your business.


‘Don’t Sell To Me’ – A keynote on the psychology of sales.


Lessons from SA’s top Real Estate sales trainer and coach. Sales is needs centric, yet most salespeople spend more than 90 percent of their time trying to sell rather than identifying and triggering needs in their clients and customers, Overlooking the psychology of sales, and under-performing to their potential.


Who better than Richard to spark the thinking of your sales team whilst inspiring and motivating them.


‘Ridiculous Vision, Unimaginable Results’ – The culture of the team that defied all odds.


Richard’s success can largely be attributed to the phenomenal team of medical professionals and various other individuals, and the culture of success within the team.


What does it take to achieve the seemingly impossible? Make your team the best!


Masterclass Topics


Richard has crafted a masterclass for each of his keynote topics that will speak directly to your business, and he delights in working with your management and sales teams to coach and assist them in breaking barriers of thinking, to strategize and implement your goals.


What Will Delegates Experience?


Richard Wright has a unique talent of melding client’s individual needs, strategies and culture into each of his presentations, making each a personalised experience whereby delegates will be able to identify on every level.


He has the ability to captivate audiences and take them on a journey that will illicit feelings and not just learning, create memories and not just deposit fleeting words. He will leave you inspired and wanting more, your tomorrow will be different, Richard leaves a lasting impact that will spark change.


By sharing powerful practical tools he will challenge the way that you think, how you do business, and help you to achieve your biggest goals.

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