Robin Banks is one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject of Mind Power and Personal Mastery. He is a highly-sought after International Speaker and has spoken to CEO’s and Senior Management from Global Fortune 500 companies.

He is a prolific speaker and presenter and has an amazing ability to combine solid content with a humorous and dynamic presentation. People from all walks of life, from shelf packers to CEO’s have been transformed and inspired by Robin’s presentations.

Robin has travelled and studied abroad in the “Art of Communication” and “Understanding Group Dynamics”. He has also studied under internationally recognized trainers like Anthony Robbins, author of “The Giant Within” and John Kehoe, author of international best-seller “Mind Power into the 21st Century”. Robin has been personally selected, trained and mentored by John Kehoe to present his internationally renowned Mind Power course. More than 1 million people globally have been inspired by his various talks, workshops and presentations.

He has a very diverse background in construction, sales and retail, and it was in 1995 that he discovered his passion for people development while working as Programme Director for The RALI Project, a rich and dynamic multicultural youth leadership programme.

Workshop – Victim to Victor


The Victim to Victor programme was initially developed by MAST (Management and Skills Training) in the mid 1990’s in order to address the negative and fearful mindset gripping the country at the time as a result of the shift in political power.

Initially there were two organisations, namely the SADF and SAPO, which were targeted as ideal Victim to Victor candidates. It soon became obvious however that the issues they were dealing with are common to many organisations in South Africa and abroad.

Robin Banks joined MAST as a consultant in 1998 and when the company closed in 1999 he continued with the work of Victim to Victor as he believed there was, and still is, a need for the programme.

“Victim to Victor” has been successfully implemented in a variety of organisations including Corporate, Government, Retail, NGO and schools, by facilitators who share his passion.

Victim to Victor


The workshop highlights the current negative attitudes prevalent in many South African organisations, particularly those that are undergoing change. The emotions that arise include feelings of lack of control, anger, blaming of others, frustration, not taking responsibility, etc., i.e. a ‘Victim mindset’. The mindset of a ‘Victor’ is then considered. Typical emotions include feeling in control, self-responsibility, being motivated, having commitment and a positive attitude.

The contrast of these two opposing mindsets can be shown when an employee can be so passionate about his/her weekend sport, yet appear so negative and downtrodden on Monday morning. The impact of this collective mindset is considerable.

‘Victim to Victor’ challenges current attitudes and shows the potential of living and working with a ‘Victor’ mindset.

This challenge is then brought into the work context, particularly as part of the change process. One of the videos, Miracle Man, forms the core of this module and provides a powerful medium for overcoming obstacles.

The workshop is lively and comprises training, group work, discussion, video’s and is very interactive. The workshop material is always tailored to suit the audience.


Employees will be given tools for self-empowerment and taking personal responsibility. We have no doubt about the ability of the programme to effect this change.
The workshop deals with ‘live’ issues within the organisation. As such, it is 100% relevant to employees as they discuss and explore their own work situations. This is very powerful in internalising new behaviour and carrying this into the workplace.

Employees will be challenged in their current mindsets.
Employees will experience the positive power of individual and collective mindsets.
Employees will develop their own, and group action plans that will become part of their daily working lives.


The Victim Mindset 

Identifying the Victim mindset
Characteristics of Victim behaviour – thoughts, feelings and language
Impacts of negative behaviour (Video – “The Train Man”)
Accusation, Blame and Complaints
Locus of Control – External
Participants identify own Victim mindsets and it’s consequences

The Victor Mindset 

Identifying the Victor Mindset
Characteristics of Victor behaviour – thoughts, feelings and language
Impacts of positive behaviour (Video – “The Miracle Man”)
Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices
Locus of Control – Internal
Taking Responsibility
SNIOP (Susceptible to Negative Influences of Other People)South Africa in the World 
Understanding mindsets
Identify USA mindset vs current South African mindset
South Africa’s Global competitiveness
Impact of this mindset on businesses, communities and individuals
Taking ownership of this mindset
South African Victors (Carte Blanche video)

The Brain – a Patterning System 

The Self Talk Cycle
Understanding how the Mind works
Power of the Subconscious mind
Discovering our true Potential
Mind Power tools

Topics Offered

Workshop - Victim to Victor

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Topics Offered

Workshop - Victim to Victor

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