Ross specialises in data protection and information security, raising awareness and educating staff on the human aspect to what can, and does, go wrong in data protection. As an international speaker, facilitator, and consultant, Ross demystifies technical, security, and legal topics to make them accessible at all levels of the organisation.

He started as a paperboy in 1999, perhaps subconsciously influenced by the video game of the same title… His skill improved with practice (both at video games and real life), and his love for games saw him move into the field of IT. He then moved through a range of technical positions, with a brief dalliance in software development. Since then, Ross has spent numerous years in strategic management for a multitude of multinational software companies.

Ross has a particular passion for data privacy, having been a victim of identity theft and seeing first hand the impact of data breaches on both individuals and organisations. He aims to help organisations manage their data effectively, avoiding the pitfalls they may not be aware of.

His “happy place” is the intersection between business, technology, and people. He has a passion for helping companies get the best out of their business process and technology, all while improving the way that teams of people interact with these systems and each other. Ross loves simplifying the mysteries of technology and enabling people across the business spectrum, be it via speaking, training, or consulting.

Ross holds a Masters Degree in the Management of Technology and Innovation, is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E) and is an EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). He is a past National President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA), and is a Professional Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Your Outsourced CISO
Data Protection is not the IT department’s problem, it’s company-wide. As such, you need to ensure that your teams, from the ground up, are trained and aware of their responsibility when it comes to the data in their command.

Ross and his network of professionals can help you comply with Data Protection Legislation, by offering training from basic awareness through to the specifics of legislation for your Information Officers, and by offering specialised bolt-on consulting for your company.

Help Us Comply
Data Protection and Information Security advisory and consulting

Strengthen Our Strategy
Outsourced Chief Information Officer to SMMEs and entrepreneurs

Introduction to Data Protection
Programme Synopsis
This interactive presentation encourages teams to participate and actively ask questions surrounding engaging content on data protection. The talk details Ross’ own identity theft, followed by a real-world data security incident, and the principles of data protection laws and regulations. The talk delivers a working knowledge of data protection as well as why it is important that every team member within an organisation is aware of their responsibilities.

This programme is customised to the organisation.

  • Knowledge of the effect of Identity Theft on clients
  • Knowledge of how easily a data breach can happen (tailored to organisation)
  • Effect of a data breach on the organisation’s clients (tailored to organisation)
  • Practical, simple methods to safeguard client data
  • Awareness of Data Protection Regulations and Principles
  • An ownership of data for both client and employees
  • An overview of the steps the organisation has taken regarding privacy

Data Privacy and InfoSec Consulting
The Problem
Have you said the following?


  • “GDPR doesn’t apply to us, we’re South African / Canadian / Australian (and so forth).”
  • “I know where all my information is.”
  • “We don’t need additional safeguards.”
  • “We have a firewall, we’re fine.”
  • “That’s IT’s problem!”

Data privacy is a company wide objective, or at least it should be. Most executives, however, don’t have enough time in the day to incorporate data privacy and information security into their daily routines, so it gets passed off to IT. Unfortunately, neither process resides solely in the IT department, and doing this is a dangerous game.

A Helping Hand
Ross has served on numerous information security committees, and has helped develop a product to manage data privacy company wide. His experience will allow you, the busy exec, to have a helping hand providing you with the needed summaries, actions and objectives to comply with global privacy regulation.

Services Offered

  • Current State Analysis
  • Data Audits
  • Staff Education
  • Process Alignment
  • Privacy by Design
  • Information Security (InfoSec) Advisory
  • Privacy Strategy Design
  • Legal Advisory (through in-house counsel and partners)
  • Management Software


  • Enterprise-wide Awareness
  • Defined Strategy
  • More Time for your Day to Day
  • Peace of Mind
  • Well Defined and Aligned Processes, Policies, and Procedures
  • Comfort for your Clients that you are Taking Care of their Digital Assets
Topics Offered

Introduction to Data Protection
Data Privacy and InfoSec Consulting

Regions Available

South Africa

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Travel within Gauteng is included in the workshop fee.

Topics Offered

Introduction to Data Protection
Data Privacy and InfoSec Consulting

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