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Ross Shafer is one of the most sought after keynote speakers and seminar leaders on the subjects of Customer Urgency and Empathy, Personal Motivation, Reinvention, and Market Relevance.


He has authored nine business books yet also won international stand-up comedy competitions. He’s earned six TV Emmys as a network talk and game show host yet credits his success to re-selling bicycles at age 13.


He flipped cars at 15 and flipped homes at 18. After college at 21, he started buying and selling companies. The common denominator is a burning pursuit of excellence that has driven Ross to the top of every field he’s entered.


Since his early teens, Ross Shafer has been obsessed with understanding “Who succeeds? Who fails? And Why?” His confidence flourished when he discovered that there were specific blueprints for success in every job and every industry.


That understanding led to his noteworthy achievements in business, television broadcasting, book writing, professional speaking (CPAE) and even stand-up comedy. His wildly diverse career choices have allowed Ross to communicate complex ideas with great fun – and an “everyman” quality.


Today, he coaches leaders and teams on how to cross-pollinate innovative ideas about emerging trends, shifting buying habits, and the motivation of workforces during mergers and acquisitions.


His clients include 73 of the Fortune 100…as well as a broad array of associations. What most people don’t know is that Ross may have sparked the explosion of the entertainment cooking channels when he wrote a funny bestselling book, Cook Like a Stud (38 recipes men can prepare in the garage using their own tools).


Not bad for a guy who played college football (pre-concussion-era helmets) and who still aspires to get his hair right.

Keynote Topic #1


How to Future-Proof Your Company & Yourself

In this fun and energizing Keynote, you will learn how to refresh your culture and innovate your operations, at will. You will know how to adapt to post-pandemic conditions and stay resilient. You will get solid ideas for hiring and retaining your workforce (even when the labor market is frustratingly tight) and how to create instant rapport for building solid relationships (based upon the proven tactics of TV talk show hosts). While we all strive for perfection, Ross encourages your audience to embrace Relevance as a moving target. He will detail inspiring case studies that span the landscape of retail, manufacturing, B2B, construction, tech, and healthcare.

Your Future Will Remain Secure if You Always Matter to Your Teams, Your Customers, & Your Clients

Being current is far different from being relevant. Relevant means taking action to continue to matter to your constituents. What do your clients/customers want from you in 2020? How can you retain valuable employees with so many tempting job opportunities available to them? Relevant leaders are able to sustain growth because they are vigilant, fearless and can adapt more quickly than their competition.

Why We Must “Marry” Humanity with Technology

Technology will continue to drive new profits and improve complex processes. Today, our customers and clients will communicate with us via chat, email, text, social media, and web conferencing. But we cannot allow our humanity to atrophy as we embrace tech. Humanity tells a better sales/brand story. Humanity heals errors inadvertently caused by technology. Ross underscores how to integrate emotion and curiosity with your technology efforts; to make relationships “stickier.”

Adaptive & Fearless Means Being Able to Innovate Under Pressure

Your competitors stay awake at night – scheming to take you down. That kind of pressure can often paralyze your teams, making them unable to “hatch” fresh angles and processes. Ross teaches a bulletproof technique for staying ahead of your competition, while invigorating your organization to harvest an endless supply of new ideas. Professional sports teams watch countless hours of game film to spot the weaknesses of their competitors. So, we must do the same; find the flaws and foibles of our competition by harvesting business intelligence. More than ever you need to relentlessly check your blind spots to see who is gunning for your business. Ross will reveal his top five tactics.

What Challenges are YOU Facing?

Talk to Ross in a complimentary 1-hour phone call. Tell him about your company initiatives and the objectives for your meeting. You will find that Ross is instantly engaging and able to offer insight and ideas from the (18) different industries he studies to make your event fun, memorable and impactful.

Keynote Topic #2


How To Go From Shook To… Solid


The perfect Post-Covid Breakout Session or Spouse Event. None of us can perform at our peak when we have been derailed by a catastrophic family event, a disruptive workplace dilemma, or a global pandemic. How do you bounce back after the crisis has abated? Based on their book of the same name, Ross Shafer and Allison Dalvit willl engage your audience by sharing their ‘blueprints for rallying’ in every imaginable circumstance. This program is interactive, fun, emotional, and impactful.

  • Change YOUR PERSPECTIVE for Harvesting New Ideas
  • Abandon YOUR Old Ways of Solving Problems
  • Assure Customer Expectations by How They Experience YOU
  • Be Bold in How YOU Recruit and Motivate Younger Team Members
  • Change How YOU Honor & Sustain Relationships
  • Empower YOUR Brain to Embrace Resilience
Keynote Topic #3

Customer Loyalty

Cracking the Experience Code in a Revolutionary Way

After writing four books and 12 HR training films on this subject, Ross has determined that “WOW-ing” the customer does NOT create loyalty. It is reducing the “POW” moments that makes customers “sticky.” Customers want to buy from companies that don’t disappoint them…and from people who don’t make mistakes. In this highly entertaining and inspiring presentation, Ross will share the simple, yet powerful system he developed to help his clients quickly improve their customer experience scores. (EXAMPLE: one of his larger clients raised their JD Power scores 21 points in 90 days). The On-Demand Economy has caused customer expectations to change. Do you know what they want now?

“WOW-ing Customers Doesn’t Work Anymore

We’ve all been told that we are supposed to “WOW” the customer. The WOW moments are a nice surprise (in the moment) but WOWS don’t guarantee loyalty. CSAT & CES Customer Metrics support that WOW-ing customers does NOT grow loyalty. We need to be far more aware of our POW moments. A POW moment is when the customer suffers anxiety about a possible confrontation with you. A POW moment happens when you don’t deliver on your brand promise. A POW moment is when you blame the customer for a problem. POWS are so formidable that our research shows five (5) WOW moments can be completely erased by one (1) POW.

Customer Expectations Have Been Set by Amazon.

Think about it. You will probably never have human contact with anyone at Amazon but literally everyone buys from them! People are loyal to on-demand companies because every transaction is perceived to be reliable, dependable, and friction-free. Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and Google have virtually erased all of the POW moments. Their famously friction-free experiences are so impressionable that even B2B companies are influenced by these e-commerce companies

Why Complaints are Your Friend

If you only fix customer complaints, your score will go up. If your employees can provide friction-free solutions you will regain your customer, client, and member loyalty. Ross will show your team how to seek out and eliminate the devastating POW moments.

Here’s Why POW vs. WOW Works so Well

Using the POW vs. WOW comparison is easily understood by both entry-level employees and seasoned leaders; which makes the POW vs. WOW method so simple to teach. With this system, everyone is instantly on the same page. You’ve only just heard about it, but now, you will never forget it.

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